Garden Wedding Party … August 2012 – The Photos!

Ok everyone I’ve been promising to post these photos over the last week and here they are … finally … I haven’t posted every single one … and as it is there are loads of pictures … I will probably get round to posting these and the rest on Facebook later at some point … but for now I’m just posting them here … ADVANCED WARNING THERE ARE LOADS OF PHOTOS!

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Salma & Richard’s Spring Wedding – Dubai Wedding Photographer

Back in March I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Salma and Richard in Dubai … they had a simple ceremony on a Saturday afternoon down at the Sheraton Hotel along JBR by the beach … it was a beautiful day and not too hot yet … the ceremony started abit late and I was worried about the rapidly fading light … especially as we wanted to get their couples photos down by the water before the sunset … in the end everything worked out really well … the light held on just long enough … and everyone had a great time that evening …

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