Dune Buggy’s on the Sand Dunes … Fossil Rock Desert …

_MG_4395-1Hey everyone … so while Paul and Rachel were over we decided to head out into the desert and take a ride on the dunes in a couple of Dune Buggies … it was great for us cause it was something Perry and I had been wanting to do … and it’s even on my 29 BEFORE 29 list … but also something Paul and Rachel were excited to try too …

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Dune Bashing, Burj Khalifa and Rain!

Its been a while since we’ve updated this blog but we have been really busy the past few days … and here is a recap of the last week … with lots of photos to accompany it … Enjoy!

So after finishing my first week at work I must say I was quite knackered … but surprised by how much more alert I was in the mornings here compared to when I had been working in London … possibly something to do with it being warm and sunny when I leave home rather than grey and miserable! … But I have found that the afternoon’s do lag quite a bit … especially as I have to work till 6pm! But first week is over and we have an extended weekend coming up due to the Eid Al Adha celebrations … so we get the Sunday and Monday off work … which is perfect timing as my cousin Mehran came to visit us this weekend!

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