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_MG_3520-1“Our Adventures In The Middle East” is a Blog documenting our lives and the various things we come across, experience and see during our time spent outside of the UK … covering:

At the beginning of Summer 2011 we came across an opportunity which we could not pass up … and soon after we made the decision to move to the United Arab Emirates (and start this blog) … so following a whirlwind two months of finishing work/packing up our lives in to 4 suitcases/a leaving party/and a final farewell lunch with our families … we took the leap and landed in Dubai in October 2011 …

It has been a big adjustment for us but we have settled in well, and now happily call our apartment in the Marina ‘Home’ …

Over time the blog has developed a wider reader base beyond our immediate friends and family … and it’s been wonderful interacting with our readers from various corners of the world … we love hearing from you …

We are now well into our third year living in Dubai and while we are still loving our life here we are now looking at moving on … Perry started a new job in Saudi Arabia near to causeway to Bahrain … so we will be moving to Bahrain sometime in the early part of 2015 hopefully … you can read more about that and the details surrounding this decision in my blog post HERE

DSC04428-1 img_3566-1 _MG_4395-1Over the last year or so I’ve started up doing an annual Birthday Challenge … setting goals to achieve before my next Birthday … these challenges and goals are really meant to just keep me motivated to try new things and expand on the things I already love doing … rather than anything else … you can see what I did for my 28 BEFORE 28 challenge by clicking on the link and you can follow my 29 BEFORE 29 challenge on this link as I update it over the next year …

Thanks for tuning in … please keep following for more news and developments from us … and as always feel free to leave us a comment … we love to hear from our readers …

Take Care

Mina & Perry


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25 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dubai is home for me and I miss it like hell. I’m going to be a regular here 🙂 I used to read your previous travel blog, the extended honeymoon one and I’m glad I found this new one.

  2. Greetings from Poland!

    The Husband and I are sort of doing the same thing you guys are. And we’ve brought our cats along for the ride too! Congrats on the adorable feline additions to your family!

  3. What an exciting and wonderful adventure! What took you to Dubai? I am just curious and I just discovered your blog and have not spent enough time reading so if you have posted that answer somewhere else I may find it as I start reading about your adventures. Has you second kitty made it home yet? That must be painful to not have him be able to come home right away. It is good of you to pick a cat that was sick and take him anyways. The two brothers will enjoy the heck out of each other.

    Peace and Harmony,

    • what brought us to Dubai was mostly my fiance’s work … and a thirst for some adventure … to do something new and exciting together … both me and my partner love to travel and I have previously lived in Vancouver for a year … so we are both pretty adaptable to new situations and had discussed working abroad previously … so when the opportunity presented itself we jumped at the chance … and we havent looked back since!

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  5. Always good to find other bloggers in Dubai and there is a wealth of interesting stuff here. Admire your dedication for all those varieties in your hummus post!

    • That sounds pretty amazing … I’ve always loved the idea of living in different countries growing up … Guess I’m catching up and doing it now 🙂 … Thanks for dropping by the blog x

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