28 Before 28

So I created this page after publishing THIS post to myself and anyone else who is interested to keep track of my ’28 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 28′ list … I’ll note what items have been accomplished and link to posts for those where it’s relevant to do so … so check back to see how I get along …

  1. Take some portraits of Perry, Myself and the Boys – Done finally so glad to see this one finally ticked off the list … for some reason we always seemed to keep putting this off or postponing it … but so happy we did it … _MG_3520-1 _MG_3523-2 _MG_3500-1 _MG_3491-1 _MG_3556-1
  2. Get to a healthy weight – In Progress … I’m about halfway there at the moment … so still a way to go to get to my target goal … This is going to be one of those ongoing challenges …
  3. Organise our Paperwork and Bookcases – Done finally!
  4. Ski Dubai – Done too … we visited the snow park as we didn’t meet the minimum requirement for the slopes … we didn’t actually realise this before hand and didn’t have time to book lessons this time … IMG_0683 IMG_0680 IMG_0659
  5. Visit a Waterpark – Yay we did this one too … headed out to Aquaventure one Friday for a day of splashing around in the water and on the rides … even though we both got a little sunburned it was a lot of fun … DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO
  6. Sky Dive – Done … OMG this was such an amazing experience … and such a brilliant way to round off this list … img_3565-1 img_3600-1 img_3631-1
  7. Have a complete online backup for all my Photos – Complete and up to date till end of April 2014 … will keep updating on a 2-3 month basis … Flickr Photo Totals
  8. Create a Photo Book for my Europe Interail Trip from 2009 – I’ve created the book and its finally arrived … here are a few pics … _MG_7291-1 _MG_7296-1 _MG_7314-1 _MG_7318-1 _MG_7328-1 _MG_7332-1
  9. Sell my Photography equipment I no longer need/use – Done … I sold my long Telephoto lens I no longer needed or used …
  10. Visit Doha – 27th – 29th March weekend trip … THE PEARL AND VILLAGIO MALL … _MG_8139-1 _MG_8165-1 _MG_8151-1THE W HOTEL … _MG_7610-1 _MG_8115-1 _MG_8125-1THE MUSEUM OF ISLAMIC ART … _MG_7696-1 _MG_7702-1 _MG_7778-1AROUND DOHA … _MG_7660-1 _MG_7968-1 _MG_8053-1
  11. Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque – Done … we had a great time and it is a great building to see … and very modern for a mosque which are seen as being quite old fashioned a lot of the time … SZGM Panorama 1 _MG_3262-1 IMG_0071-1 IMG_0100-1 _MG_3206-1 _MG_3295-1
  12. Learn to Knit – I have learnt the basic stitches and finished a couple of small projects … have plans for a couple bigger ones to try and challenge myself some more … planning a blog post for later in the year to talk about what I’ve learn’t from this new hobby … _MG_7427-1 _MG_7340-1 _MG_7358-1 _MG_3367-1 _MG_3012-1 _MG_2882-1 _MG_2866-1 _MG_2445-1_MG_9059-1
  13. Go Ice Skating – Done … finally and you can read about that by clicking the link in the title … WP_20140829_007-1 WP_20140829_023-1
  14. Take Perry to Iran – we went from 12th April – 21st April … and had a great time … working on drafting and publishing posts at the moment so will update this section once that is done … but for now just a few pics … _MG_9888-1 _MG_1228-1 _MG_1845-1 _MG_9104-1 _MG_0004-1 _MG_9535-1
  15. Scuba Diving – Done … this was really good fun and I would love to do this more in the future … Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  16. Attend a Music Concert – This one was meant to be visit the Pick Your Own Farm in Abu Dhabi but it’s not going to be possible as I’ve attempted and failed to get in touch through the only contact number I can find online for this place … so attending a music concert is going to be my replacement challenge for this one … and we went to see Kings of Leon play Live @ Atlantis … Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
  17. Fix all my Dental Issues – So finally finished with this one on the 30th May 2014 … so so so ridiculously ecstatic to be done with all that … in case you are wondering … it took 20 visits over three months!
  18. Swim at the Beach – We did this when we went Scuba Diving … as we did our dive at the beach and so fulfilled the Swim at the Beach at the same time …
  19. Read at least 3 books between now and my Birthday – Finished – First Book finished is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley … if you’ve read George Orwell’s 1984 this is a good a similar read … not the same exact topic but it looks at what an alternative future may hold … there are arguments that can be made which say the future we currently have is a version of the those two stories combined … in either case it is an interesting book …_MG_8204-1Just finished my Second Book Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi … _MG_8209-1Decided on my third book finally … Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert … I had read her first book Eat Pray Love, and really liked it … finished this one and really liked it too … it raises some interesting questions about love and marriage … an easy and pleasant read …_MG_2919-1
  20. Visit Al Ain Zoo … Lovely day out to Al Ain Zoo … well worth a visit and it was fun to see all the animals … glad we went when we did … any later in the year and it would have probably been too warm … loved the Tiger and Giraffe’s the best … _MG_6859-1 _MG_6764-1 _MG_7145-1
  21. Take photos of Hugo & Derek with my SLR at least once a month MARCH photos are done … _MG_7360-1 _MG_7403-1 _MG_7500-1APRIL is done … _MG_9028-1 _MG_8938-1 _MG_8946-1 _MG_9048-1MAY is now done … _MG_2515-1 _MG_2584-1 _MG_2671-1 _MG_2746-1 _MG_2781-1JUNE are now posted … 
    _MG_7617-1 _MG_7654-1 _MG_7725-1 _MG_7837-1JULY is now posted … _MG_8171-1 _MG_8088-1 _MG_8058-1 _MG_8173-1 _MG_8096-1AUGUST is now done too … _MG_2937-1 _MG_2948-1 _MG_3005-1 _MG_3033-1
  22. Keep up with our Savings to meet our monthly goals – So far so good …
  23. Try to let go of control more – I feel like I’m getting better at this one … its quite hard to tell sometimes … but every now and again Perry notices when I don’t react negatively to something I previously would have and will mention something … so its nice to see that he’s noticing the small changes …
  24. Go Horse Riding – we’ve finished all our lessons … after our first lesson was so warm we opted for the rest to be at night when it’d be more comfortable … both of us have enjoyed it and we’d like to continue taking lessons … although we will have to put this on hold now until after the summer is over … it just gets quite uncomfortable for us when its this warm … IMG_20140427_140305
  25. Dubai Miracle Garden … the first item on my list I get to cross off … was a lovely day out … the overcast weather meant much better lighting for photos and it didn’t get too hot either! _MG_6395-1_MG_6568-1
  26. More Date Nights with Perry – We had our first proper date night in a while when were in Doha … a celebrating our Anniversary meal … 2014-03-28 19.56.20-1We’ve had several more date nights since … usually involving dinner and a movie … to be fair I’d consider any occasion where we spend time just the two of us talking or doing something without getting distracted by emails/phones/technology/etc as a date type event … DCIM102GOPROI especially count our day out at Aquaventure as a suitable Date Event …                 In general we have been making more of an effort to spend time together and do things at the weekends to connect with each other more … especially as Perry is away a lot during the week … so the weekends have become quite an important time for us to catch up with each other …
  27. Unplug from the Internet once a week for at least half a day – Kinda doing this one by trying to ignore my computer as much as possible on the weekends … need to make more of an effort with my phone though … had a nice 10 day break from the internet while we were in Iran … a combo of no working VPN, blocked websites and sketchy internet connections in places didn’t help … it was actually quite refreshing and I really liked it …
  28. Keep Blogging – Well I’m still here … so far so good …

I’ll be doing a roundup post around my Birthday to recap how it all went and what I thought of the whole experience of doing something like this … it should be interesting and I’m excited to start marking things off …

Let me know if you are doing something similar and link to your list … I’d love to see what has made it to your list …

Mina X

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