Spring in Rome … A Family Holiday!


Back in March this year I had the opportunity to go visit Rome with my family for a few days … we had a lovely long weekend of amazing weather and lots of fun sight seeing … including some yarny purchases for me along the way … I’ve picked a few pictures to share with you all here today … I had intended on posting this ages ago but time got away with me … so I’ll let the photos do the talking this time …

_mg_8140-1 _mg_8143-1 _mg_8144-1 _mg_8149-1 _mg_8155-1 _mg_8159-1 _mg_8163-1 _mg_8164-1 _mg_8167-1 _mg_8169-1 _mg_8174-1 _mg_8177-1 _mg_8181-1 _mg_8183-1 _mg_8187-1 _mg_8190-1 _mg_8195-1 _mg_8202-1 _mg_8204-1 _mg_8205-1 _mg_8207-1 _mg_8216-1 _mg_8220-1 _mg_8222-1 _mg_8224-1 _mg_8226-1 _mg_8230-1 _mg_8233-1 _mg_8243-1 _mg_8247-1 _mg_8248-1 _mg_8251-1 _mg_8253-1 _mg_8265-1 _mg_8267-1 _mg_8269-1 _mg_8285-1 _mg_8287-1 _mg_8300-1 _mg_8304-1 _mg_8308-1 _mg_8317-1 _mg_8345-1 _mg_8346-1 _mg_8348-1 _mg_8352-1 _mg_8354-1 _mg_8355-1 _mg_8356-1 _mg_8357-1 _mg_8366-1 _mg_8368-1 _mg_8377-1 _mg_8381-1 _mg_8383-1 _mg_8385-1 _mg_8389-1 _mg_8391-1 _mg_8417-1 _mg_8419-1 _mg_8424-1 _mg_8429-1 _mg_8432-1 _mg_8434-1 _mg_8440-1 _mg_8442-1 _mg_8461-1 _mg_8462-1 _mg_8464-1 _mg_8466-1 _mg_8468-1 _mg_8472-1 _mg_8475-1 _mg_8479-1 _mg_8483-1 _mg_8486-1 _mg_8493-1 _mg_8502-1 _mg_8504-1 _mg_8511-1

Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X

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