A Few Days In Helsinki Finland …


Back in the summer Perry and I had planned a few days where we had wanted to go away and relax for a bit while also seeing somewhere new to us … we ended up deciding to go to Helsinki, Finland … anyway I got really behind on my blog posts and never got round to posting this after we got back … so I’m here now to share this post with you all along with a video vlog I did of our trip …

img_0588-1 img_0593-1 img_0595-1 img_0597-1 img_0605-1 img_0611-1 img_0613-1 img_0615-1 img_0622-1 img_0625-1 img_0627-1 img_0632-1 img_0635-1 img_0637-1 img_0642-1 img_0643-1 img_0659-1 img_0662-1 img_0669-1 img_0680-1 img_0687-1 img_0690-1 img_0696-1 img_0699-1 img_0706-1 img_0707-1 img_0714-1 img_0717-1 img_0725-1 img_0727-1 img_0728-1 img_0732-1 img_0746-1 img_0754-1 img_0762-1 img_0766-1 img_0768-1 img_0773-1 img_0785-1 img_0793-1

Thanks for tuning in …

Till next time …

Mina X

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