Weekly Roundup … This seems to have become a monthly thing!

Hey everyone … so things have gotten a bit mental around here and I realised I haven’t updated this blog in over a month now … anyway so here is a quick recap of what we’ve been up to the last few weeks …


So shortly after my last blog post I popped over to Dubai for a few days to wrap a few things from my end before our move and see some friends … while there I of course got some knitting done …


I picked up a couple of Dubai themed coffee mugs on my way back …


I also vlogged the trip a bit and the video for that is up on my Youtube channel (Knitting Expat Podcast)


Got home and the boys were happy to see me … then immediately demanded to be fed!


Hugo was super demanding of the attention the next day too …


In the evenings you can usually find the boys sprawled out on the floor somewhere …


I finished up my cardigan that I had been working on for a while … love the colours and how this one turned out!


I started and quickly finished a cute little stuffed bunny rabbit for the little nugget … I don’t really enjoy the process of knitting stuffed toys but this one was so cute I had made an exception …



Derek being super adorable during our regular morning snuggles …


Hugo supervising the packing of Etsy orders …


Bump just keeps on growing!


Another podcast went up … I have rather excitingly finished the first version of a baby sweater design I’ve been thinking of … this one was a test to see if my measurements and sizings were good or not and I’m making a few adjustments to the pattern based on how this one turned out … still perfectly useable though and I love the rainbow stripes worked up …


Hugo started to get cozy with the bump a few weeks back …


I did a quick little tutorial video on how to make a super chunky cowl which would be great as a christmas present!


I had been wanting to knit this hat pattern since it came out over a year ago and finally got my act together enough to get it done for this winter season!


I think Hugo has finally figured out there is something going on in my belly …


Organising the craft room for our upcoming move … starting to pack away the hand knits and yarn …


My Osteopath came over one evening to lend me his inversion table … its supposed to help with my back pain by allowing my spine to decompress as I invert on it … although I can’t use it for very long each time as I’m pregnant …


Yet another podcast went up … like I said I missed blogging a few weeks!


Bump keeps getting bigger too …


Baby brain struck again on my flight to London … got to the airport only to realise I had forgotten to put on actual shoes and left the house in my sandals … needless to say it was cold and wet and raining when I got to London … thankfully my parents came to meet me at the airport so I didn’t get my feet too wet …


I was perfectly toasty on my trip to London with all the hand knits I had brought along with me …


One of the first things that I did in the UK on this trip was going to one of my best friends wedding’s … it was so much fun and I was really glad I was able to make it …

img_2993 img_2997

I hadn’t planned to do a podcast while in the UK but I found myself with some spare time the day after getting back from the wedding and thought I’d do a little quick episode …



All wrapped up in warm things before heading to the airport at a disgustingly early hour to pick up Perry …


This badge wields such immense power on the Underground it is crazy …


Consoling myself after the US election results with some sock knitting, tea and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange …


After a day out in Kingston with family we headed back to my Aunt’s home for a couple hours … I was absolutely shattered and totally needed to take a nap!


Finished up my 80th pair of socks for the year!


Mince Pie and Tea while opening what is likely to be one of my last Christmas Stockings … we spent a weekend down with Perry’s family and his Dad made us early stockings as we wont be around for Christmas this year … but as it turns out since we are having a baby now he said we will no longer be getting any and that now the baby will be getting stockings instead!


Out for lunch in Tunbridge Wells with Perry and his family … lots of lovely food!


Starting the 3rd trimester and things haven’t been getting any easier … its been quite rough with all the back pain … and its only going to get worse as she grows …


Sunday Roast pre gravy pouring … it was delicious!


Working on a new design project …


At the airport on our way back to Bahrain I picked up another couple of Starbucks mugs … one for us and one for a friend …


The boys got a new box … I had to get some trainers while in the UK and I made sure to take the box back with us so the boys could have a new one to play with!


Back to morning snuggles with this guy …

That is it for this one … stay tuned as I will be back with our moving announcement … although if you follow me on instagram or facebook you will already know that news!

Till next time …

Mina x

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