Weekly Roundup … A Few Weeks Combined …

img_1414Things have been a little crazy and hectic and super busy since I’ve been back in London so remembering to post weekly roundups at the end of each week has not always been the highest priority for me … for that I am sorry but I am here today with a massive update on whats been going on the last couple of weeks or so since I got back to the UK …


A couple of the last photos I took of the boys before I left!


Knitting at the airport!


Hanging out with Tiggy my In-Law’s cat …


Wandered down to the nearby farm for lunch …


Posted my Travel knitting video …


Getting ready in the morning of Vicky’s wedding … it was such a fabulous day!


The venue was amazing …


And the bride looked stunning …


A few little details from the day …


The day after Tiggy had turned the left over decorations into her new cat bed …


Driving back up to London while working on some socks …


Finished a pair of socks for Perry! … I’m calling these his Team Mystic socks as he’s addicted to playing Pokemon Go!


Ice Cream!!!


A few photos of the boys that I’ve been getting from our Pet Sitter while we are away …


Podcast went up!


Even though its the middle of summer its nice to see my family are still enjoying/using the hand knit socks I make them …


Some knitting and Jaffa Cake eating time …


Went round my parents home to check out the renovation progress … still a long ways to go but you can start to see where it is heading now …


In the queue to get in to Fibre East!


Catching up with a couple of other lovely podcasters at the Fibre/Yarn Event!


I posted a Vlog of the day out … it was a lot of fun to film and put together too!


I actually picked up a spinning instrument and am learning how to spin my own yarn!


I spent a day at the National History Museum meeting up with a friend who works there for lunch and then I got a behind the scenes tour of the museum too which was a bonus!


Caught up with another friend for coffee after and surprised her with a present …


Fixed my Dad’s sweater which had mysteriously developed a massive whole large enough for me to fit 2 fingers and a thumb through!


I think we should all be congratulated more often for successfully getting out of bed in the mornings!


Caught up with these lovely ladies again for more yarn shopping fun!


Another podcast went up!


I successfully spun a thing! This is a very exciting moment for me!


I post a vlog about my fun day out in London with friends Yarn shopping!


I then spent a day in East London with my brother around the Shoreditch area where we went to a Cereal cafe and checked out a bunch of other shops/markets and foodie places!


I then posted a vlog about that too!

That is it for this time round …

Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X

3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup … A Few Weeks Combined …

  1. Hi – I’m new to your blog (and want to watch your podcasts soon!), and I enjoyed this post. It was like a vicarious trip. And any time kitty pictures are included, I think it’s a good thing. 🙂

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