Weekly Roundup … Almost Time For The Airport!

img_1043Ok so its been a little over a week again since my last update but frankly these last few days have been a little crazy busy … I leave in a few hours for the airport and I’m really looking forward to getting back to the UK for a few weeks … so I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I still have a few things to finish up!


The boys keeping a close eye on me while I knit …

img_0996 img_0998

More finished socks …


Hugo was having a love affair with this yarn … every time I was working on these socks he had his head in the bag!


I managed to convince Derek to join me for a bit on the podcast last week … he wasn’t too happy about the situation …



Working on some fun rainbow socks … I really love how these stripes knit up!



At the mall over the weekend we noticed many people playing the new Pokemon Go game thats taken over the world!


Knitting on more socks …


On Sunday I had to go to Saudi Arabia for the day with Perry to sort out visa stuff … and as it happened his office were throwing him a surprise party that day too … so one of the ladies in his team came to the hotel where I was staying for the day to walk me over to their offices in time to join the party … it was actually really lovely to finally get to meet all his co-workers even if today was his last day!


I was finishing up some packing last night and Hugo thought the suitcase would be a comfy bed …


Today’s podcast went up as usual … a bit more chatty than my usual episodes but still hopefully fun … plus Hugo was being rather cute!

That is it for this time … I need to go feed the boys their dinner and try to have a nap before my middle of the night flight.

Till next time …

Mina X

3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup … Almost Time For The Airport!

  1. By the time you read this you’d be in London. Hope your journey was comfortable and feeling good. Love you and see you soon. XXXXX

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