Weekly Roundup … Strawberries, Lots Of Mail & Many Cat Photos!

img_0825Hey everyone … so this week’s roundup is a little late again … but its not been a particularly eventful week for me so I don’t have a whole lot to share today … in any case I thought I’d stop by and share a few photos from the last few days …


Last weekend I woke up early and Hugo came to join me for some knitting in my craft room!


These two in the mornings are just really too cute … Derek trying to hide amongst the shoes (something he’s been doing since he was a little kitten) and Hugo sitting like a person!


I popped into the post office earlier this week to see if I had any mail only to find I had four packages waiting for me … some of them had been posted ages ago but for some reason or another just took forever to get here! Lots of fun goodies inside though which is always fun!


I’ve been trying to get some steady work done on my lace weight cardigan this week … it can be a little challenging when Hugo wants to ‘Help’ at the same time …


Derek loves this box … its already been well loved …


Derek checking out my pencil one morning … you know to make sure it was suitable for sudoku!


I got a new camera this week … mostly for the podcast and also for actual photos … I don’t always want to lug around my huge SLR camera and this one is smaller and lighter but has lots of the same features of my SLR that I love …


I uploaded my podcast as per usual this week and gave the new camera a spin … I’m loving the quality of the video but I’m still getting used to it …


I don’t usually buy fresh berries because they don’t keep very well and are generally very expensive … but I found this tray of beautifully ripe strawberries and I couldn’t pass the up … they made for a very yummy snack!


A photo of the boys … just because …


Last night I finished a pair of socks for my Dad … hopefully he will love these!


This morning I found the boys in their box haven … we have so many empty cat sized boxes lying around the house its a little crazy … but they love them and I can’t deny them that happiness!

Other than that I was rather saddened by the news that the UK voted to leave the EU … its not what I had been hoping for at all … but I generally try to avoid being political on here so I won’t go into it more than that!

Also Perry left for a week of classes in Tel Aviv yesterday … he got there fine and it seems to be cooler there than here at the moment so he’s enjoying that part of it … this also means I’ll be alone all week until he gets back next Sunday night!

Anyway … that is it from me for now …

Till next time …

Mina X

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup … Strawberries, Lots Of Mail & Many Cat Photos!

  1. Your cat tree is AMAZING!!! Looks like the kitties think so too.

    I know your Dad will adore those socks. How could he not? They are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I adore your cats!! Your dad will love the socks. My dad is always so excited when I hand him a new pair! I remember when my hubs used to travel for weeks and a few times for a month a time. Pre kids I loved it! Really enjoyed my alone time. Now with the kids I hate when he travels as there’s no one to share dealing with the kids with lol. It used to be just kitty and I. Now it’s a full noisy house.

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