Weekly Roundup … Kitty Updates & Some Sock Mishaps!

img_0725Hey everyone … Time for another weekly roundup post … nothing too exciting has happened this last week but we did get some good news about Derek and I had a rather funny yet unfortunate mishap with my sock knitting … so lets get into this!


This has to be one of Derek’s favourite ways to nap … its so adorable and almost impossible to resist giving that belly a good ruffle!


I spent some this earlier this week writing up some designs and getting patterns drafted … I have so many that I am working on at the moment I need to start making the time to write them up so I don’t fall behind …


One of the patterns that I wrote up was my newest blanket design idea that I’ve been working on … I’m loving how this is working up and can’t wait to get this one out into the world soon!


Finished sock pair number 60 for this year! But also this pair of socks was the source of my knitting mishap this week … and I was totally caught off guard with this one too!


Another shot of my blanket project so far … I’m loving these blocks and they are so fun to knit!


Earlier this week I took Derek back to the vets for a follow up after the vet said she thought he had allergies … thankfully it has all cleared up now and the boys are good to go back onto the wet food … these two fluffies could not be more thrilled to be eating the wet food again!


Podcast went up yesterday as usual!


I finished up yet another pair of socks last night … these are really fun colours and I love how they turned out!


This photo may give you an idea as to what went wrong with my sock knitting that I referred to earlier … somehow I managed to not finish a heel correctly and so one sock basically doesn’t have a heel … and I didn’t notice until I had finished the pair!


This morning at the supermarket I spotted this rather odd variety of apples on sale … not sure what to think about them to be honest … I didn’t get any as they were way too overpriced!

That pretty much sums up this week … its not been too exciting but I guess that is how things go sometimes …

Till next time …

Mina X

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