Weekly Roundup … Ramadan Begins …

img_0610Hey everyone … so back again today with another round up … the only reason this post didn’t go up yesterday was that we were having internet issues which have since been resolved thankfully!


Recently I’ve had this idea for a new scrap blanket design … and last week I finally got round to trying it out and seeing if I liked how it works up … and I have to say I’ve been loving it so far … Its taking all my self control not to drop everything and just work on this all the time at the moment …


Last weekend Perry and I went out to see the new X-Men film and had dinner at Wagamama’s … its always a good option and the food is delicious …


Saturday early afternoon we headed back to one of the malls as Perry was getting a haircut and we had a few other errands to run … but we also settled in Starbucks for a couple hours to get some work done …


I may be crazy but I’ve started knitting myself a cardigan out of laceweight yarn … its quite hard on the hands but I’m really looking forward to having this done!


Hugo investigating my knitting …


I’ve been working on this shawl design for my Sister In Law to wear on her wedding day and earlier in the week I had a bit of a boo boo with it … thankfully it wasn’t too bad and it was relatively simple enough to rip out the mistake and work it up again …


Derek doing his rounds of my craft room making sure everything is where it should be …


As Perry gets ready to leave for work the boys wait for their strokies by the stairs …


Its been a while since Hugo has been so enamoured with one of my knitting projects … this is the new blanket design I was working on … he decided it was an appropriate place for him to take a nap!


The podcast went up as usual on Wednesday …


I finally finished the shawl design for my sister in law … I love how it turned out and thankfully so did she!


I’ve been experimenting with making ice tea … I didn’t have much luck with brewing the tea as normal and then cooling it down … someone suggested I let the sun do the work as its quite hot here now … so gave that a go yesterday … I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the results … another friend suggested trying to cold brew the tea in the fridge for 8+ hours so I’m giving that a go today to see how that turns out …


I’m working on a really exciting design collaboration which will be coming out later this year … and the yarn support for the designs showed up this week … I really can’t wait to get started with these soon!


Ramadan started this week on Monday … and as such working hours during Ramadan here are much shorter so Perry gets home much earlier in the afternoon which is great … and it meant that we were able to go out Thursday night and enjoy the evening … we headed to one of the malls and had Wagamama’s again for dinner before going to see Money Monster at the cinema …


Another thing that happens over Ramadan is the big chain coffee shops bring out special Ramadan mugs each year … these two are this years offering from Costa (left) and Starbucks (right) … I quite like the designs they came up with!

Anyway that is it for this week … Perry and I both have a lot to be getting on with this weekend … mostly administrative stuff and some planning …

Thanks for tuning in …

Till next time …

Mina x

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