Weekly Roundup – Knitting … Cats & Boxes of Dates …

img_0548Right … well some of you may have noticed I missed posting last week … or you may have not noticed at all … either way I didn’t feel like I had that much to share so I decided to skip the week … so this week I have a 2 week roundup for you …


So early last week I finished up a shawl that I was knitting as part of a test knit for some fellow designers … its a really fun three coloured shawl that was lots of fun to work on!


I also had a trip over to the US Embassy to apply for my Visa … the actual appointment was fine except the guy who was doing my visa interview did make some rather rude/ignorant comments to me which I didn’t appreciate … but I did manage to keep from having a go at him about it as I didn’t think that would help my application very much …


Morning snuggles with Derek are one of my favourite things ever!


I mean look at that tooth!!!


Hugo is still enjoying lap time cuddles and loves to sit on me while I knit!


I started some really fun socks from a sock blank too … they are really fun to knit from as the colour placement on the final project is always very different to how it looks when you look at the blank at the start …


Hugo was being extra demanding on the podcast last week … constantly trying to catch my yarn or needles as they were dangling in his face …


Mid yawn …


I finished up a new hat design and got to working on my sleeves for my golden yellow jumper last week … I’ve really loved working on this design and knitting with this yarn … it has 20% cashmere in it so its really soft and luxurious …


The sleeves I always find are quite quick going once I actually start them … I ended up having to knit a contrast colour for the cuffs as I ran out of the yellow … I’m really happy with how that turned out in the end though!


Progress on the socks …


Before I knew it they were done …


My sweater after I had given it a good soak … the fabric totally evened out and the drape on the garment is wonderful and its just such a joy to wear …


Earlier this week I had to take Derek to the Vet’s as I’d noticed he had developed a light patch on his lower lip … the vet seems to think its some kind of allergic reaction so I’ve changed their food and water bowls and the boys have to be on a strict hypoallergenic diet for a month with the hope that this will clear up the issue … if he doesn’t get better in a couple weeks we will have to take him back in to get a biopsy … so here’s hoping its nothing serious and it will go away soon … although in the mean time the boys are not happy at all about the lack of wet food … they follow me round all evening and come running into the kitchen hoping I’ll be feeding them … it does make me feel bad to this this to them but it is for their own good really!


This week’s podcast went up yesterday!


As it was the start of the month yesterday I had to start a whole bunch of new projects!


Perry came home from work last night with 2 boxes of dates … so as it turns out the company he works for also own a date farm and as a pre ramadan gift all the employees were sent home with 8kg of dates! … the sad thing is I don’t even like dates … I don’t mind the flavour its the texture I’m not fond of … will have to try and find some fun recipes that use dates so I can use some up … My Dad wants me to DHL them to him … I won’t be doing that but I will take some back for my family over the summer …


This morning I got up nice and early … its been a while since I’ve been able to get up early in the mornings as my sleep schedule got a little off kilter last week while Perry way away … it always happens when he’s not around … but I finally seem to be back on track and so I popped out to get some coffee this morning and knit a few rows on my new shawl design … Hugo has also been giving me some rather judgemental stares … he’s still not happy about this new diet …

That is it for this week … thanks for tuning in …

Hope the start of your summer is going well for you and that the weather is lovely where you are!

Till next time …

Mina x

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