Weekly Roundup – New Patterns & A Kitten Update!

img_0331Hey everyone … so another week has gone by and again I forgot to post on Thursday as I usually do … as it turns out this week I was in Dubai on Thursday and actually had no time to sit at my computer all day and then forgot about this yesterday … so here we are … its Saturday and guess finally time for me to get this weekly roundup post started …


I love the mix of yellow with a touch of grey … its a favourite colour combo for me, and I love how the grey makes the braid detail in the back of this jumper I’m knitting really stand out against the golden yellow!


Derek and Perry have this special bond … he only lets Perry carry him like this without fussing … with me he’s always trying to find a way to get out of it!


I left for Dubai on Saturday night for a Sunday morning meeting!


After my meeting I headed to Dubai Mall to run some errands … spotted this on my way round and I have to say I agree with the sentiment!


Working on some socks while I was waiting for the plane home!


So after getting home on Sunday night I somehow managed to trap Hugo in my craft room over night … luckily he didn’t destroy anything but did knock a few things over in his attempt to open the door!


Spent quite a bit of time with the Little Ginger kitty on my lap while I was knitting a shawl … he is very cute and loving … but it wasn’t until later when Hugo came to take the same spot that I realised how much bigger our boys really are compared to the little guy …


Later that day we successfully had all the boys in my craft room in various stages of napping/grooming!


I posted a quick special episode to introduce some of my latest patterns that I released this week!


By Tuesday the little guy was making himself super comfortable on all the hand knits he could find … it seems he’s figured out the best way to relax is in the midst of a bunch of yarn … can’t say I disagree with him … he’s very well behaved and hasn’t tried to destroy anything either which is a bonus!

img_0331 On Wednesday I got my podcast recorded and up in super quick time as I didn’t have long before I had to leave and go to the airport again … I had another meeting in Dubai on Thursday!

img_0343 After the meeting I ended up back at Dubai Mall to try and finish off an errand I’d started earlier in the week but didn’t get to do … then I met up with a friend for lunch and ended up coming back to Dubai Mall later in the afternoon with my other friend Stef who I was staying with and her kids to have some dinner there and generally get out of the house for a couple hours …


Back home and I was woken up on Friday morning with Derek purring loudly by my ear … he was polite enough to wait until it was after 8am to do this so I wasn’t mad at him for it!


I’d gotten a call a couple days prior to this from someone interested in adopting Little Ginger … so he came by on Friday morning to see him and for us to speak to him and see if we were comfortable to give him the cat … everything went well and even though the guy’s english wasn’t great so communicating things was a little tricky I think he understood everything we told him and he was ok with it all … so Little Ginger is off to his new home and I’ve been in touch with the guy who adopted him over the last couple days to check in and see how he’s getting along …


Friday I also published my sock patterns!


Hugo was super happy to have the house back … he was having the time of his life all over the sofa!


I had to take Perry to the airport late last night as he is now in London for the next week for classes … I’ve spent most of today doing some knitting (see below) and running errands etc … Tomorrow I have an appointment with the US Embassy to see if they will give me a visa … so fingers crossed that all goes well …


Otherwise that is it for this week … thanks for tuning in!

Till next time …

Mina X

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