Weekly Roundup … Lots of Kitties and Knitting Plans!


Hey there everyone … so this week’s post is a little late in being posted … just got distracted yesterday …


Last weekend was Labour Day here in Bahrain and the local mall was hosting a dinner to celebrate … I managed to snap this picture while they were setting up …


I was driving home after running errands when I missed the last exit on the highway and ended up straight on the road to Saudi Arabia … this was something I had feared doing by accident since we moved here as that last exit is not well signposted at all … anyway I pulled over as soon as I realised and managed to find my way out of the situation with the help of a lovely security guard.


Back home and the boys were relaxing on the landing … Hugo giving me a high five while Derek is giving me a glare!


Measured out the progress on my scrap blanket on our bed to see how big its getting … loving it so far!


Picked Perry up from the Airport on Saturday night and brought him home to meet the little kitten … he is equally enamoured by him …


I got all my yarns ready for my May projects to get started!


Thankfully the little fella isn’t a terror around my knitting so I can get some knitting done while I spend time with him in his room …


We had burgers for dinner one night and as I was getting the lettuce prepped a little Hugo came along begging for some leaves … he is a funny one …


I was setting up the night before filming my podcast and found these two investigating my knitting … they don’t usually show much interest in my stuff but this was too cute to pass up!


Tuesday evening we started to try and introduce the boys to the kitten … it went well as a first attempt and there weren’t any fights or serious issues … just some growling and hissing but nothing particularly bad …


The next morning I realised why the boys were so into my stuff the night before … one of the packages I had received had some cat toys in it and one of those had cat nip … in the morning Derek had located the catnip toy and decided to lay on my yarn until I gave it to him …


I filmed and uploaded the podcast … all went ok but it did take its time to get uploaded!


I got about half way through some handspun socks working these ones from the toe up … I’m testing out a pattern recipe that a friend has come up with and they have been fun to knit …


Thursday Derek was being really rather entertaining …


We tried to spend Thursday night with the kitten in the spare room … but he kept waking us up at around 3am yowling … so in the end we gave up and went back to our own bed for the rest of the night … he seemed to enjoy having us around but the 3 am yowling was not conducive to a good nights sleep!


Friday morning we headed to the mall and after grabbing some breakfast we went to see the new Marvel film – Captain America Civil War … I knit away on my socks and we both enjoyed the film …


In the evening we let the kitten out of the room entirely to explore the house and for the boys to get used to him … for the most part it went ok and they mostly keep out of each others way … with a few kitty stand offs happening every now and again …


I also finished my socks last night … they fit pretty well after I had some concerns that they might have been a bit large … but it seems they worked out perfectly!


Before bed Perry got on the floor with the boys … it looks like they are all ready for some belly rubs …


That is it for this week … Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X

1 thought on “Weekly Roundup … Lots of Kitties and Knitting Plans!

  1. Thanks, Mina, for letting us dip into your life. Always fun to see your photos. I am curious about the one on YouTube where the truck with the donkeys was on the beach. Why would they be driving a truck with donkeys on the beach? Silly me – I couldn’t figure that out!

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