Weekly Roundup … With A Little Ginger Kitty …

img_9739Well this week has been really rather eventful … but before I get to that part I’ll start with last weekend … which was rather less exciting overall!

img_9674So last Thursday evening Perry and I decided to go to the cinema … I had bought some new treats for the boys which they loved and I left the packet on the coffee table … we got home and found that they had been trying to get into the packet of treats and the bag was covered in little teeth marks … Derek was hiding and Hugo had no shame!


We went out for breakfast on Friday morning … I knit a bit on some socks and we both ate pancakes!


We had a BBQ in the evening and were joined by Tyson our neighbours German Shepherd … he is a little sweetie and its always nice to spend time with him when he’s out … the weather at the moment is still just nice enough to be outside in the evenings without it being too hot … but its not going to last long and the days are already getting hotter!


I spent a lot of time over the weekend knitting on my latest jumper … this is the first time I’m knitting one from the bottom up so it was a fun experiment for me … Hugo was keeping me company as I knit away one evening and Perry & I were watching TV …


A couple days later and the jumper was finished! I love how its turned out and the fit is just how I wanted it … slightly oversized and baggy without it looking weird …


Monday evening I had to take Perry to the airport for a trip to Chicago … and as I got home I noticed a little cat was sat in the garage … he didn’t run away as I parked the car or even when I got out … he came up to me and started meowing … he looked so small and quite skinny so I went inside and got him some cat food and he wolfed it down so fast he barely stopped to take a breath … once he was finished eating he came right up to me rubbing himself all over my legs and feet … it was quite clear at this point that he was a lost or abandoned pet … he even tried to follow me into the house …img_9723

At this point it was quite late in the evening so I got him into the cat box and took him inside the house and kept him in one of our spare rooms … I set him up with some boxes and a litter box for the night … in the morning I took him to the vet to get checked out and thankfully he seems to be pretty healthy overall … no fleas or mites or any other obvious issues other than some inflammation in his gums (but his teeth are really clean so the vet thinks it could just be an irritation from something he ate on the street) … I got him dewormed and he’s booked in to get vaccinations next week … he didn’t have a microchip unfortunately so no way to track any possible owners … but the vet thinks he’s about 4-5 months old … img_9739

He’s really sweet and just wants to sit on my lap all the time when I’m in the room with him … for now I’m keeping him separated from our boys until we get him vaccinated … this is a precaution I’ve always done when fostering in the past as you can never be sure if they have a bug or something that hasn’t started to show symptoms yet when you first bring them home … so waiting a week is always recommended in this situation …


He is just too cute and very affectionate … I even did a bit of knitting with him on my lap and he didn’t seem to be phased or bothered at all by the yarn … this is a good sign if we decide to keep him … for now we haven’t made that decision yet … for one thing Perry hasn’t met the little guy at the moment … and I think the most logical and practical thing for us to do is to try and find him a permanent home … if we can’t find him a home then of course we will keep him … but the reality is having three cats will make our life more complicated when we eventually come to leave Bahrain … it wouldn’t be the end of the world and we will deal with it if it comes down to that …


I filmed and got my latest podcast episode up yesterday … it took a while to upload but got there in the end …


I got round to washing my jumper I recently finished and so much dye came out of the yarn that it looked like I’d murdered someone in the bath tub!


I spent some time winding up some mini skeins of yarn to get ready to add them to my blanket over the next few days …


Some snuggles late last night before I went to bed … I do feel bad leaving him alone over night but for now I have to keep him separated from the boys …


That is pretty much it for this week … I have a few other things to get on with today and then Perry will be back Saturday night which I am really looking forward to … but I think that is it for this post …

Till next time …

Mina x


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