Weekly Roundup … What Happened To This Week?

img_9518Hey everyone … so another week has gone by and honestly I don’t know where the week went … its flown by the last few days and it doesn’t even feel like much has happened … last weekend was quite busy though … we went to a birthday party on Friday evening … one of Perry’s coworkers birthday …

I was a bit nervous to go at first but I’m really glad we went in the end … then on the Saturday we headed out to the local farmers marker near our home … I did a blog post about that last year which you can see HERE

img_9509We also headed to the nearby cinema on Saturday evening to see the Batman Vs Superman film which was good fun and I got plenty of sock knitting done … I also filmed a sock knitting tutorial video over the weekend which went up on Sunday!


Derek likes to make me feel guilty about making him wait for his dinner in the evenings … he acts like he’s starving!


Hugo is determined to convince us he’s a human …


Yet he also insists on getting in the way of my knitting on occasion …


Not much happened this week so there is a high volume of cat photos in this post … above Hugo is taking a break after his box ripping/chewing session … he leaves a trail of box bits wherever he goes …


Hugo enjoying sitting on my lap watching me knit socks over his head …


I had a couple of lovely things arrive in the mail this week … this package of goodies shown above was from a lovely knitting friend which came as part of a swap I organised in my podcast group … it was abit of a faff getting hold of this particular package … I got a slip in my mail box at our local post office saying that I had to go and collect it from the central post office … now our post office is on the western most side of Bahrain and the Central PO is on the Eastern most side of the country … so I drove across the whole country to get the package only to find out when I got there that they had actually sent it on to my local PO so I had to go all the way back to collect it …

I jokingly said to Perry that I literally had to drive across the country and back again to get this parcel … which while technically correct isn’t half as dramatic as it sounds … Bahrain in case you were wondering is a tiny island … and the distance between the two post offices is about 25km each way!


Taking stock of all the socks I’ve knit for myself this year … although not totally accurate as a couple in this box will likely be gifted … even so I still have another stack of gift socks in the cupboard!


Derek is also a fan of chewing up boxes … although he isn’t as bad about it as Hugo is …


The other morning Hugo didn’t want to get out of bed … so I left him tucked up under the duvet while Derek was basking in the sunlight by the window …


The other evening I was taking stock of all the stuff I was knitting and while I was taking the above photo I was getting evil looks from the boys as shown in the photo below … they were wondering why I wasn’t feeding them yet!

img_9541 I filmed and uploaded my podcast yesterday!

img_9552 Last night I finished knitting my latest shawl design … its currently drying on my craft room floor and should be ready for some photos to be taken this weekend!


That is it for this week … I don’t think we have much planned for the weekend … but I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Till next time …

Take Care …

Mina x


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