Weekly Roundup … Trying To Catch Up …

img_9387Hey everyone … back for another quick weekly roundup post … I still have a couple of blog posts I want to do from our trip to Rome and from when I went to the knitting retreat in Cumbria but I just haven’t had enough spare time or brain power to sit down and do that yet …


The weather since I’ve been back has a been a little confused I have to say … its been really lovely for the most part but also on some days really overcast and grey as well as a few thunderstorms in the mix too … but one evening as I was getting dinner ready I noticed the sky outside was very pink so I popped out and took this photos …


Started another version of my newest design project!


Lazy mornings with Derek are a favourite of mine …


Derek may be a super ninja cat at times but his hiding skills are somewhat lacking …


More knitting progress …


I took a project and some snacks to the airport when I was picking up Perry … I was going to run some errands nearby so knew I would be spending some time waiting around after those were done …


Some project bags and a few of the Stitch Markers I made from Glass Charms I got in Italy went into a very successful shop update last weekend …


Fruit and veg at the local supermarkets here are all labelled according to where they came from and then priced accordingly as well … so the produce that travelled further cost more!


Winding up some colourful yarns that I hand dyed to add to my scrappy blanket …


Hugo decided he would try and ‘help’ me with packaging up orders the other day!


A few evenings ago after dinner the boys were all lounging in the living room …


I finally squared off my blanket … its still got some work needing to be done on it but I’m really happy with how its progressing so far.


Finally I got a new episode up yesterday … including Hugo who now appears to be making a regular appearance on the podcast each week …

In other news I there isn’t really all that much else going on … we have a birthday party this weekend and I am still trying to get on top of all the things I need to and want to get done!

So on that note I think I will end it here … hope you are all having a lovely week and hopefully I will be back soon …

Take care …

Mina x


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