Weekly Roundup … Getting Warmer & Catching Colds …

img_8581Hey everyone … time for another weekly roundup today … its been a mixed week … I’ve felt like I had a lot of things to do and Perry has had tons of school work to get on with as well … then on top of all that we both got sick … one after the other … so as I started to get better Perry caught a bug too … Anyway here is a quick roundup of what we’ve been up to this last week …


Hugo is a salad loving monster … the other night Perry was making dinner but Hugo was constantly bothering him in the kitchen so I ended up keeping him occupied by feeding him salad leaves …


Hugo always looks a little funny squished up in a box!


I was pretty ill over the weekend so I didn’t do much other than knit … and on Friday I managed to finish the first sleeve on my cardigan …


The boys were being quite rambunctious this last week so I dug out some new toys for them that I had been squirrelling away and they loved them …


Day two of the weekend and I was still quite unwell so I knit the second sleeve … by the end of the day I had a finished cardigan!


Derek has been quite cuddly lately and its been lovely …


I washed my Cardigan earlier this week and laid it out to dry … the boys were keeping a close eye on it from their boxes in my craft room … boxes are like cat traps in this household …


I always seem to get quite judgemental looks from Hugo when I’m knitting and not paying him any attention …


I was working on my newest design project and was making quite a few mistakes … kept dropping stitches but thankfully I’ve figured out how to fix them!


Saturday I also ended up making a giant vat of soup that has lasted almost the whole week … just chopped up and threw in a whole bunch of vegetables with stock and then added some separately grilled chicken at the end … it was lovely and soothing and just what we needed this week …



Some more work on my knitting projects …


The other night we had fajitas for dinner and I put out a tub of salad leaves to keep Hugo busy so we could eat dinner in peace …


Yesterday I filmed and uploaded a new podcast!


Earlier this week (Tuesday I think) Perry came home from work early … he wasn’t feeling too great and he’s stayed home the rest of the week too … both of us got sick from the AC we believe … we’ve started turning it on at night cause its gotten quite warm … and after being turned off for about 4 months there is probably quite a bit of dust and crap accumulated in them … so we think that is what has probably caused us both to come down with something … we’ve since had all of our AC units serviced/cleaned and I’m almost back to normal while Perry is still on the mend!


Yesterday I was trying to work on a new project when Hugo decided he had other plans!


That pretty much sums up this week … I have a pile of sewing to be getting back to now … and then I’m not sure what we will be up to this weekend … it will greatly depend on how Perry is feeling though …

Perry leaves for classes in New York on Saturday night and I leave for London on Tuesday late evening … so its going to be a busy few days getting everything finalised and ready to go!

That is it for this week … thanks for stopping by …

Take care …

Mina X


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