Weekly Roundup – Dubai Weekend & Cats …


Hey everyone … welcome back to another weekly roundup … last weekend was lots of fun as we headed over to Dubai for a couple days … and the rest of this week so far has been busy with work for Perry and me trying to catch up still on all the things I want to get done!

img_8387So we got to Dubai on Friday morning and after checking in to our room we found out we had a pretty good view of the Downtown area of Dubai off in the distance … we spent friday afternoon round a friends house and her family were celebrating three birthdays in the month of Feb so they were having a big joint party … we were so happy we were able to go and see them … it had been way too long!


Saturday morning Perry and I headed over to the Cheesecake factory for some indulgent breakfast … neither of us were able to finish our food … not really all that surprising really!


Following breakfast Perry dropped me off at the Lime Tree Cafe where I met up with my old knitting group … and got to hang out and knit with some friends who again I hadn’t seen in ages … Jhocy brought along a whole pile of mini skeins for me to knit into my blanket so I’m excited to get round to tucking into those!


The local resident stray is incredibly friendly … and not at all shy about making it clear that I was sat in his space … he sat on my stuff until I moved out of his way enough so he could get on the bench for a nap …


Knitting away on some slippers and drinking coffee was a lovely way to spend the afternoon with friends …


Later on the cat decided that where I first moved to in order to make space for him was now the place he wanted to sleep … so again he proceeded to walk across my lap and make it very clear he wanted me to move again … he seemed to get comfy pretty quickly after that …


We headed home on Saturday evening and spotted this as we were getting ready to get off the plane in Bahrain …


Hugo has taken a fancy to my pile of mini skeins from Jhocy … he keeps going up to them and sticking his face in it …


I finally finished the body section of my new cardigan and now need to crack on with the sleeves!


Hugo being a little Derp with his tongue poking out … this happens quite often when he gets distracted while he’s grooming himself …


I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from a knitting friend in Canada … and while I loved the contents of the box Derek preferred to sit in the empty box … a new cat resting place has been acquired …


I got another podcast episode up yesterday …


The boys are still being quite cuddly these days which I love … and they both keep me company in my craft room more so than they used to which has been lovely …


That is it for this week … Thank you for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X

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