Weekly Roundup – The Month of Socks is Finally Over!

Hey everyone … this week has been super busy again … but for different reasons … my crazy month of sock knitting is finally at a close but on the flip side I’m now super busy with a whole list of things I’ve neglected throughout the month of January and am now having to catch up with …


Thursday afternoon last week was the most difficult part of knitting the socks for January for me … I hit a wall and everything felt like a struggle to get going … but I persevered and pushed through and eventually got passed that and was able to keep going on these four pairs the rest of the evening …


Eventually I did finish them all off that same night …


Its been really cold in Bahrain recently and we’ve ended up spending alot of time wrapped up in warmer clothes … I’ve even taken to using my Cosy Memory blanket to keep my legs warm when sat on the sofa in the evenings …


Perry came home from work on Sunday with an awesome present! He got us an electric heater … honestly this thing is my new best friend … just to give you an idea the temperatures in Bahrain now are around 12C-15C each day … it feels much colder than that inside our house as well as we have tiled floors everywhere along with high ceilings … to top it off we don’t have any way to heat the house either … so this little thing is really a life saver!


Knitting more socks on the last day of January while watching some friends on their very first podcast …


And it was finally over … I finished my last pair of socks for the month of January with a few hours left in the day …


My final tally was 35 pairs of socks in the month … so just over 1 pair a day … it was a long month of sock after sock but I’m glad I did it … although I’m not sure I’ll be in any hurry to do it again anytime soon!


Monday I had to go to Saudi Arabia with Perry for the day … we had to renew our visa’s and while I didn’t have to do anything in particular I did have to physically be in the country for this to happen … so I took along a bunch of stuff to keep me busy for the day … including my knitting journal and sock scraps so I could update my knitting log with all the socks I’d knit in January … I ended up taking the whole day off from knitting socks and it was very strange!


I spent a good portion of time on Tuesday making up mini skeins for prizes and swaps with other knitters … it was alot of fun going through all the yarns again and seeing all the minis together like this in the basket!


Wednesday I filmed another podcast episode and there was much chatter about socks and squishing of yarn to my face!


I’ve finally started knitting on some other things and am taking a short break from socks for a bit … I’m really excited to have started working on a new shawl design which I have been dreaming about since the beginning of November but have only had the chance to start this week … I’m really excited about how this one is turning out so far!


That is it for this week …

Thank you for tuning in …

Till next time …

Mina X

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