Weekly Roundup … Sock Knitting Madness & A Trip To The Vets …

img_7587Hey everyone … so its been another busy week around here and we are getting ready to head off to New York again for a week tomorrow morning … I have quite a few things to get done today so I’m going to try and make this quick!


So in the last few days of 2015 I started knitting some more on my Sock scraps blanket … I added an extra 30 squares to it so its now at 130 squares total … I am aiming for 400 I think but I may change my mind depending on how things go …


January 1st saw the start of a sock knitting competition between myself and a fellow podcaster based in Canada who challenged me to see who out of the two of us can knit the most pairs of socks in a month …


I started out well … and got one pair done and a second pair part way finished by the end of day 1 …


Lots of socks on the go …


I also did a bag update in my shop … pretty much everything has sold out so the shop will be on a break again until after the sock competition is over …


Lots of time was spent at the post office getting packages out in the mail … I got to have a good long chat with the guy there who I hadn’t seen in over a month!


I did my usual podcast episode on Monday this week … although I had some technical difficulties getting the video off my phone at first … I finally got it up!


Lots more sock knitting means I’ve been left with a needle dent in my thumb and a groove worn into my finger nail from where the yarn passes over it … thankfully neither are particularly painful!


I somehow (and I’m not sure quite how I did this) managed to get 5 pairs of socks finished in 5 days …


Yesterday I finally had to take Derek in to see the vet … he’d started showing some signs of cistitis, which he has had before, over the previous couple days and I wanted to get him checked out and make sure he would be ok before we left for our trip … he wasn’t particularly happy about it …


Thankfully he is doing so much better since then … we know his condition is stress related but we don’t know what has caused it this time … he’s had an anti inflammatory injection which has helped with any inflammation in his bladder and he is on some other medications too … all of which seems to be helping him alot!

So today I’ve been knitting some more socks and getting our stuff in order to leave for this trip tomorrow morning … we have a long flight with a layover in Dubai for a couple hours on our way to New York … I’m really looking forward to going and catching up with some knitting friends and just enjoying the city … it will probably be a while before I have a chance to go back to New York again after this trip …

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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