South Iceland – Waterfalls, Plane Wreckage & Black Sand Beaches … Iceland December 2015

_MG_7194-1Hey everyone … so I’m back again today with some more of the pictures from our trip to Iceland at the beginning of December … on one of the days we went for a drive down along the South Coast of Iceland … we stopped to see a couple of waterfalls … drove down to the site of a plane crash from the 70’s on one of the beaches … and even made it back to the black sand beaches of Vik where I broke my leg last year (thankfully no broken bones this time round …

Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos …

_MG_6961-1 _MG_6978-1 _MG_6954-1 _MG_6949-1 _MG_6953-1 _MG_7012-1 _MG_7014-1 _MG_7027-1 _MG_7034-1 _MG_7036-1 _MG_7041-1 _MG_7048-1 _MG_7052-1 _MG_7056-1 _MG_7067-1 _MG_7074-1 _MG_7081-1 _MG_7085-1 _MG_7091-1 _MG_7095-1 _MG_7098-1 _MG_7100-1 _MG_7105-1 _MG_7126-1 _MG_7145-1 _MG_7151-1 _MG_7154-1 _MG_7162-1 _MG_7165-1 _MG_7167-1 _MG_7174-1 _MG_7194-1 _MG_7196-1 _MG_7203-1 _MG_7208-1 _MG_7212-1 _MG_7219-1 _MG_7221-1 _MG_7223-1 _MG_7224-1 _MG_7237-1 _MG_7225-1 _MG_7239-1 _MG_7243-1 _MG_7245-1 _MG_7251-1 _MG_7273-1 _MG_7279-1 _MG_7284-1 _MG_7290-1 _MG_7293-1 _MG_7307-1 _MG_7310-1 _MG_7312-1 _MG_7321-1 _MG_7323-1 _MG_7325-1 _MG_7327-1 _MG_7331-1 _MG_7332-1


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