Weekly Roundup … Barely Back & I’m Off Again …

IMG_7068Hey everyone … so I’m back again this week with another weekly roundup … I still have to go through and edit the photos from our Iceland trip so I’m hoping to get to that this weekend so I can start getting those posts published next week in the run up to Christmas!

Thursday lunch time we headed out to a Pub/Bar place in Reykjavik called the Icelandic Bar … they had some really scrummy food … Val and I had the Reindeer Burgers while Perry had the Pork burger … all of it was just so incredibly good!


That evening we hopped over to the Blue Lagoon for a nice relaxing soak in the water …


Then out of pure chance on the drive back from the Blue Lagoon later that evening we got to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights  as we were on the road back to Reykjavik …

IMG_7043 Friday was probably the day with the best weather we had on the whole trip … last year most of our days in Iceland were like this and we had gorgeous sunrises and sunsets for the majority of the time … this year we got one day! … which frankly is still great … we headed back out to the National Park again to see a few things we didn’t get to see last time … and just really enjoyed the incredible views as the sun was rising …

IMG_7068 A few other students from Perry’s class and their friends also came to Iceland while we were there so we managed to all get together and organise a dinner on the Friday night at an Icelandic Restaurant in town … the food was great again and the company was fabulous!


After dinner Perry and I stayed out with a few others to visit a bar/pub or two to see what it was like out in Reykjavik on a Friday night … we ended up at this Whisky Bar where there was this amazing 65 year old Icelandic lady who is the DJ there … she’s incredibly popular with the locals … many of those we spoke to that night said the come there every week to see her and she was constantly having people come up to her to give her hugs and drinks etc … she even had a magnifying glass to be able to read the labels on the CD’s!

IMG_7083 Saturday morning was our last day in Iceland … we headed out for Breakfast at a cafe nearby and I of course brought along my knitting …


We stopped at a few shops and places as we wandered back towards the apartment to pack up and one of the places had this mug which I found hilarious …

IMG_7090 At the airport later that afternoon while we were waiting for our flight back to London I finished the socks I was working on that day … These will always be my Iceland socks … I started and finished them during our time there so I thought that was pretty perfect!


Once we got back to London I took a quick photo of all the things I had managed to finish on this trip … six pairs of socks, one Adult sized jumper for my Dad and two shawls!


Our flight home was pretty good actually … it was a day time flight so it didn’t affect us too badly … we even got moved up to Premium Economy once we had gotten on the plane which was fun!


Hugo and Derek were both so adorable once I had gotten home … incredibly cuddly and wanting all the attention …

IMG_7113 While we were still in Iceland I was able to film an episode for my podcast … and that got uploaded on Monday!

IMG_7115 I also cannot believe how cold it has gotten in Bahrain since we went away … its by no means as cold as it was in Iceland (-6C the last couple days we were there) but its the high teens low 20’s here at the moment and for some reason those temperatures feel much colder in the Middle East than they do else where in the world …

Also even Perry admits that my craft room is the coldest room in the house … not entirely sure why thats the case … but it basically means I’m now drinking lots of tea and still wearing all the handknits!

IMG_7120 I got a call late on Tuesday afternoon about a very urgent meeting thing that I have to go to Dubai for … so I dropped everything and changed plans etc and got myself to Dubai on Wednesday morning … I had actually cast off my last work in progress so I started a new hat that morning at the airport …


Then as it happened that super urgent meeting ended much sooner than I had anticipated so I was able to go meet up with a friend for lunch …


Then because my meeting had ended so much sooner than I had planned … and my flight home wasn’t until 8pm … I had lots and lots of time to knit … and so the hat was finished before I even got on my plane home …


Today I am busy trying to catch up on the things I had originally hoped to get done yesterday … and getting ready for the weekend … tomorrow we will be going to see the new Star Wars film which is exciting … I can’t wait to see it now its finally here …

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup … Barely Back & I’m Off Again …

  1. Great blog as usually. You want to visit cold come to Canada. Great skiing. Excellent food and very happy and friendly people.

    • I lived in Vancouver for a year a few years back and it was great fun … I learnt to snowboard up in whistler too … I would love to come back and see some other parts of the country some day!

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