Weekly Roundup … Early Christmas …

IMG_6643Hey everyone … so its Thursday again and time for another weekly roundup … its been another busy week but its also been really lovely to be spending time with family and catching up with friends while we are back in town …

Perry arrived in London really early in the morning on Friday so I picked him up from the airport and we stopped by my Aunt’s home for breakfast and to see them for a bit … he hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle since almost a year ago … then we headed on down to the little village of Heathfield in East Sussex where his Parent’s live to spend the weekend with them.


We ended up going for a pub lunch with a bunch of Perry’s friends on the Saturday … I also finished my Dad’s jumper I had been working on like crazy since getting to London … I was quite concerned it wasn’t going to be dry in time!


I finished another pair of socks for him too …

IMG_6570 IMG_6579

I still prefer to handwash my knit socks … it doesn’t take that long and it helps preserve the colours for longer … even though all of these can be machine washed.


We drove past a Llama Farm on our way down to Perry’s parents and Perry did promise we could come back … so we did … and I was basically a 5 year old the whole time we were there … thankfully it was a cold and miserable day so there weren’t too many other people around to witness me acting like a toddler running around on a sugar high …


I did thankfully get my Dad’s jumper finished in time to wrap and give to him for early Christmas on Sunday …


So Sunday afternoon my family came down to Perry’s Parents home and we had an early Christmas celebration … with a Roast Turkey and all the trimmings too … it was a very good roast!


Everyone loved their hand knit socks too … and they all fit which was great!


And my Dad’s jumper fit him perfectly which I was so happy about too!


I filmed and uploaded my podcast before we left on Monday … although I did end up having a headache with technical issues on iMovie …


Knitting socks on the drive back up to London … we actually ended up swinging past Perry’s uncle’s home to visit him and his family … we hadn’t seen them in almost two years so it was lovely to be able to go by and spend an evening with them catching up …


Tuesday was Hugo & Derek’s 4th Birthday … the photo above is from when we first saw them … I can’t believe my babies were ever so tiny … and genuinely I cannot remember what our life was like without them in it anymore …


My sock knitting speed seems to be gaining momentum cause this pair on took me two days to finish … having said that those were two days where I had alot of time to knit …


I have since started another pair of Christmas themed socks …

Last night I came into London to stay with Perry at his hotel for a couple nights … I’m meeting up with some friends in town today to go yarn shopping (again I know!) and then catching up with some other friends later this evening for dinner …

Then this weekend after Perry’s classes finish we are heading off to Iceland for a few days … and I am so excited to get there now!!!

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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