Fibre Space … A Yarn Store In Alexandria …

_MG_6035-1So as part of our trip to the Washington DC and Alexandria I managed to squeeze in some time to catch up with fellow knitters and a couple other podcasters I’d been chatting to online … we decided to meet up at FibreSpace which is a well known and very lovely yarn store with so many lovely things to look at and choose from!

I met Tanya for the first time who I had chatted to many times online and infact she was the first person who had ever reached out to me after started my podcast to offer words of encouragement …

_MG_6050-1I saw her mum Lucy again who I’d had the pleasure of meeting back in May in London … and also Emily who hosts her own podcast … she brought along her adorable little Boston Terrier dog called Alice!

_MG_6043-1There were also a few others who came to hang out that day and it was just so much fun to see everyone and chat about all things knitting related …

_MG_6035-1 _MG_6036-1 _MG_6037-1 _MG_6038-1 _MG_6039-1 _MG_6040-1 _MG_6041-1 _MG_6045-1 _MG_6048-1 _MG_6053-1 _MG_6057-1 _MG_6065-1 _MG_6068-1 _MG_6071-1 _MG_6073-1

I left having purchased a rainbow!


It was a lovely afternoon with wonderful friends and I just wish I could have spent more time there with everyone!

That is it for this post …

Till next time …

Take Care …

Mina X


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