Around DC & The Air And Space Museum …

_MG_6104-1Hey so this post is rather late in being published … I dont’t know why I guess being away has meant I’ve not spent as much time on the computer as I normally would … which isn’t a bad thing either … anyway below are a collection of photos from a couple days that we had in Alexandria/DC from our last trip the USA … we did a tour of the Air and Space Museum … wandered around Downtown DC another day and popped into Society Fair one morning for brunch …

_MG_5987-1 _MG_5988-1 _MG_5991-1 _MG_5993-1 _MG_5994-1 _MG_5995-1 _MG_5996-1 _MG_5999-1 _MG_6000-1 _MG_6022-1 _MG_6004-1 _MG_6009-1 _MG_6012-1 _MG_6015-1 _MG_6016-1 _MG_6019-1 _MG_6020-1 _MG_6024-1 _MG_6023-1 _MG_6026-1 _MG_6028-1 _MG_6030-1 _MG_6033-1 _MG_6032-1 _MG_6078-1 _MG_6080-1 _MG_6082-1 _MG_6086-1 _MG_6090-1 _MG_6096-1 _MG_6104-1 _MG_6107-1 _MG_6109-1 _MG_6111-1 _MG_6116-1 _MG_6118-1 _MG_6122-1

That is it for this post …

Till next time …

Take care …

Mina X


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