A Morning Along King Street – Alexandria, USA

_MG_5851-1Hey everyone … so I’m back again today to share the first batch of pictures from our recent trip to the USA … we spent the first part of our trip in the Alexandria/Washington DC area … and on our very first morning Perry and I took some time to go exploring in Old Town Alexandria … namely along King Street and down to the Waterfront …

We came across some really adorable and friendly cats and dogs … a lovely farmers market outside the city hall area … and went for a lovely stroll along the waterfront with all the moored boats … as well as popping into a few shops along the way …

We were so lucky with the weather for this whole trip … and this morning in particular was a wonderful crisp autumnal day … I hadn’t realised how much I had missed the Autumn weather and colours until this trip … its been over 4 years since we last saw any Autumn … we’ve always been in Middle East during this time …

Anyway I hope you enjoy these pictures …

_MG_5847-1 _MG_5850-1 _MG_5851-1 _MG_5855-1 _MG_5858-1 _MG_5860-1 _MG_5864-1 _MG_5865-1 _MG_5869-1 _MG_5868-1 _MG_5871-1 _MG_5875-1 _MG_5879-1 _MG_5880-1 _MG_5890-1 _MG_5882-1 _MG_5888-1 _MG_5886-1 _MG_5884-1 _MG_5895-1 _MG_5900-1 _MG_5901-1 _MG_5905-1 _MG_5906-1 _MG_5913-1 _MG_5914-1 _MG_5915-1 _MG_5917-1 _MG_5920-1 _MG_5921-1 _MG_5924-1 _MG_5925-1 _MG_5932-1 _MG_5933-1 _MG_5940-1 _MG_5942-1 _MG_5943-1 _MG_5945-1 _MG_5950-1 _MG_5955-1 _MG_5957-1 _MG_5960-1 _MG_5962-1 _MG_5963-1 _MG_5966-1 _MG_5969-1 _MG_5974-1 _MG_5978-1 _MG_5979-1 _MG_5982-1

Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X


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