Weekly Roundup … NYC & Suffering From Jet Lag …

IMG_6196Right well this last week has been busy … fun and just great overall … after I posted last week on Thursday I spent the rest of that morning at my cousins home in Boston … or rather outside of Boston as he doesn’t live in the city itself …

Later that afternoon my Cousin and his wife took me into Boston city where we caught up with his Daughter Sarah who studies at BU and lives on campus … so we met up with her and spent some time down by the Charles River and on Boston Common …


We had dinner at Shake Shack nearby before we started to head back home … and spent the evening at his home chatting and drinking tea … it was a short by very sweet trip up to see family for a couple days … the next morning I flew back down to New York City and after I got into the hotel to drop off my stuff … I quickly headed out again …

IMG_6247I ended up walking all the way down to the garment district where I explored some of the amazing fabric stores around the area … I picked up some goodies from B&J Fabrics (Once I figured out how to get into the place) and then carried on walking down to The City Quilter (this has to be one of my favourite fabric shops ever!) where I picked up even more fun prints!


Later that evening I got my stuff ready to film a podcast bright and early on Saturday morning … the hotel room we were in had 2 beds this time which turned out to be very handy … as my knitting kind of took over one bed!

IMG_6254Saturday morning Perry had an exam at school at 9am and I could have sworn he told me he was going to leave at 7.30am so I said I would walk him to the station and grab a coffee on my way back … as it turned out his alarm went off at 5.30am and he wanted to leave at 6am! … I know I didn’t have to go with him but I wanted to so I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed to go with him … I have to say Times Square is really not my favourite place in New York … its always so crowded and busy – really not the location I would have chosen to stay if we were picking the hotel … but it really is quite peaceful at 6am!


So as I was awake much earlier than I had intended I managed to film and edit my podcast before I had to leave that morning … I posted the above picture to Instagram to ask if I should use this screenshot for my thumbnail and it was an overwhelming Yes!

I had contacted a few other podcasters and people I knew who lived in or close to New York to see if they were interested in meeting up that Saturday … and as it turned out for the most part everyone was free and able to get together which was great! So we arranged to meet up at Gauge & Tension which is a Yarn store in Greenpoint Brooklyn that is only open on the weekends … but they have a great space with lots of tables set up for doing classes, so we knew we could find a spot to sit, knit and chat for a while … they also happened to be doing a Trunk Show for Plucky Knitter yarn … now to give you some context this yarn is super popular and notoriously difficult to get hold of … even so I wasn’t expecting to have to wait in line to get into the store when it opened and honestly it was quite the mad rush when we first got in too …


I pretty much grabbed a few skeins of the first thing I saw that I liked and got out of the mess … I then went over to a table near the back where it wasn’t so busy to hi to some of my friends who had arrived and to catch my breath after being in the scrum … in the end I waited for things to calm down a bit before going back to have another look at the yarn on sale and in the end decided that what I had grabbed at the beginning was definitely what I wanted and I was happy with that so I paid up and headed back to our table …

IMG_6264We kind of took over one of the tables at the back of the store and got comfortable … pulled out the knitting and chatted away for a couple of hours … it was just really lovely to spend time with other knitters who completely get why you do what you do and I missed having that alot since we moved to Bahrain … the bi-monthly meetups with the Dubai knitters were always so much fun and I do miss them!

IMG_6269After we were done there we headed to another part of Brooklyn where we checked out a different yarn store and then we all went to get something to eat as it was about 3pm and none of us had eaten any lunch!


After we were done in Brooklyn myself and Tonya (One of the lovely ladies I met up with that day) headed back up to Manhattan to go to another yarn store … there was a particular yarn I wanted to get and she said she would come with me to find it … it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get there but in the end we made it with 10mins left before closing … we literally ran in – grabbed what we were looking for – and ran out again! Later in the evening Perry and I met up with some of his classmates in the hotels renovated bar area (view in the photo above) before we all headed out for the evening … at the end of each of block week of classes they usually have an evening social event … so that was fun to go to and meet some of his classmates – some I had gotten to know in Washington/ Alexandra and others I was meeting for the first time …


The next morning I went out to get us both some coffee and starbucks have their red cups out already!


I also posted my podcast episode a day early as we were going to be spending most of Monday up in the air flying back to Bahrain …


After checking out we had a couple of hours to kill before heading to the airport so we went to the bar and ordered a couple of hot chocolates to sip while enjoying the view … we ended up sharing an Uber with a couple of Perry’s classmates and got to the airport with plenty of time to spare … The flight home wasn’t too bad either … except for the screaming toddler across the isle!

I didn’t get to sleep on the flight much … I think I napped for about an hour at most … Perry did manage to sleep for a good portion of the flight though which was good atleast … we eventually got home and spent plenty of time snuggling the boys before heading off to bed …


Tuesday was a good day … busy unpacking and reorganising our lives again after being away … but good nonetheless … spent some time going over photos from our trip (stay tuned for more blog posts about that) and enjoying some lovely tea (given to me by a friend) and some homemade Ginger biscuits (made for me by another friend) …

Yesterday I finally got back to my sewing machine and got going on some bags I had prepped back in October … October turned out to not really be that great of a month for me … but November is shaping up to be pretty awesome so far … and I cant wait for the next couple weeks either … should be lots of fun!


Yesterday afternoon I heard a strange noise coming from outside … strange because its not something that we get all too often around these parts … yup … it was raining!!!


I was so excited to see it raining … although it didn’t last very long … but it has really helped to bring the temperatures down … todays high was less than 30C which is the first time thats happened since late spring!

That pretty much sums it up for today … I’m not really sure what are plans are for this weekend … I know Perry has a lot of studying to do but other than that we haven’t really got any set ideas on what we will be up to …

That is it for this week … thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X


One thought on “Weekly Roundup … NYC & Suffering From Jet Lag …

  1. we head back to NYC for my 10th visit very shortly and always love to find new places and new experiences as my blog will attest too.. Youve given me some new ideas too đŸ™‚ Its really that type of city where anything is possible… Thanks for the ideas.. check mine out when you have some free time

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