Weekly Roundup … Getting Ready To Fly Off Again …

IMG_5904Hey everyone … another week over and time for another roundup … its been suitably busy around here these last few days … getting ourselves ready for our upcoming trip and general life stuff really … going to keep it short again today as I still have a bunch of things to sort out before we leave the house at 3am tomorrow morning …


I spent the end of last week finishing off my large Shawl that I was knitting …


Derek came to inspect my work … and also to demand that I put it down so I can feed him!


Gave it a soak and now the shawl is pretty huge!!!


With the shawl finished I had nothing left to knit on so I got to Cast On All The Things!!!


I started three pairs of socks …


And a hat!


I made pretty good progress on these over the weekend … and some people commented on instagram that this picture looked like a bunch of baby trousers …


I got a new podcast up!


I loved knitting this hat … the yarn was hand spun by a lovely friend who gifted it to me …


I headed out one morning to get a coffee and swung past the post office on my way home to find a lovely little package waiting for me … it seems all my post gets opened by customs these days … I think they just want to stroke all the lovely yarn!


I didn’t sleep well one night and when Perry woke me up the next morning he said I had this look on my face!


Some local ‘wildlife’ hanging out by the side of the highway …



I had a fun yarn winding party getting yarn prepped and ready to go for holiday knitting …


I started off a couple projects to have them under way and ready to keep knitting on while on the plane …


Made a last minute dash to the mall this morning to get a new suitcase … and of course I felt it was about time I owned a purple suitcase! … Also noticed there is going to be a Shake Shack in Bahrain soon!!!

Right well I’m off now to go get my bags packed and the rest of our things sorted before we leave …

That is it for this week … thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X


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