A Few Days In Oman … In Pictures …

_MG_5663-1So at the end of September this year there was the Eid Al Adha celebrations and for that most of the countries around the Middle East have public holidays to celebrate it … and Perry’s company actually gave them a lot more time off than we had anticipated … so we took the opportunity and booked a nice relaxing few days away at the lovely Shangri-La hotel in Oman …

It also just so happened that this public holiday coincided with my Birthday so that was a happy coincidence … anyway here are a few pictures from the few days we spent there a couple weeks ago …

_MG_5637-1 _MG_5631-1

Perry told the hotel it was my Birthday and they sent a bottle of Prosecco and a cake to our room!

_MG_5639-1 _MG_5643-1 _MG_5648-1 _MG_5654-1 _MG_5658-1 _MG_5662-1 _MG_5663-1 _MG_5664-1 _MG_5665-1 _MG_5667-1 _MG_5669-1 _MG_5671-1 _MG_5672-1 _MG_5673-1 _MG_5676-1 _MG_5677-1 _MG_5678-1 _MG_5684-1 _MG_5688-1 _MG_5693-1 _MG_5694-1 _MG_5696-1 _MG_5705-1

Below was the view from our balcony …


Thanks for tuning in …

Till next time …

Mina X


4 thoughts on “A Few Days In Oman … In Pictures …

  1. Looks heavenly Mina. So pleased you are having a lovely time. It is dull and overcast here in Devon. 😨 Take care .
    Shelley (Mollymunch on Ravelry) xx

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