Weekly Roundup … All The Sewing & Knitting …

IMG_5684Hey everyone … another week has come and gone and I’m back with another roundup … honestly though this week hasn’t been too exciting and we haven’t really done all that much either!

Last weekend Perry had a lot of studies and work stuff to do on the Friday so he was busy with that the whole time … but we did spend most of Saturday together running around doing stuff out of the house which was great!


Perry came with me to the market and ended up convincing me it would be more efficient if I bought rolls of interfacing rather than buying it by the meter considering how much of the stuff I go through … then he realised he’d be the one carrying it back to the car!!! But he was really great and didn’t complain about it!


I’d done a shop update on my etsy shop on the Friday evening and it went really well … I spent almost an hour at the post office on Sunday getting everyones orders out in the post!


I prepped some yarn for a new project that I’m excited to get started on!


Finally got into a groove with another project I’m working on which is finally getting to the interesting lace part!


Perry left for a few days in London for classes on Sunday evening and I spent most of Monday and Tuesday doing a mountain of fabric prep!


On Monday I went to my knitting group at a coffee shop which was really lovely … and it was great to catch up with people there …


We had a pretty good turnout in the end …


I got a new podcast up on Monday …


I got started on sleeves for my cardigan … so far its going pretty well …


I’m also making good progress on the bags for my next shop update which should be coming soon … That pretty much sums up my week …

My weekend isn’t going to be all that interesting either … going to be pretty much glued to my machine! Perry gets back on Sunday evening so I will be happy to have him home again!

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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