Weekly Roundup … Oman & Getting Back Home …

IMG_5559Hey everyone … so we are now back in Bahrain and settling back into life at home … honestly it has felt like we have been on the go for the whole month of September so I’m looking forward to just staying put for a few weeks before the next round of travelling commences!

IMG_5556Last weekend we were still in Oman and pretty much spent the last few days of our trip not doing much at all … I did a fair bit of knitting and started a new cardigan on Saturday!


And by the time we had gotten on Monday evening I had pretty much finished the whole body … I just had a few row to finish off before the body could be considered done, which I finished up on Wednesday!


I recorded a podcast episode and uploaded it while we were in Oman …


Spotted some Camels on the way to dinner one night we were at the hotel …


I finished off some bags for my next shop update which will be going live tomorrow!


And this morning I finished cutting fabric for over 100 more bags that will be added to the shop over the next few weeks …

IMG_5647In other news … I got some very unhappy news from my Brother on our last evening in Oman about a death in my family which was really upsetting and hard to accept … I’ve been dealing with that since we got back and have been in touch with my family in Iran and my Dad who has gone back there to spend time with his family during this …

Finally to wrap up this week I don’t think we will be doing anything particularly interesting this weekend … we have a bunch of boring administrative things to sort out and catch up on but other than that I think it will be relatively low key!

That is it for this week … Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X


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