Sunrays Shawl … A New Shawl Design …

_MG_4417-1Hey Everyone … so I finally got round to releasing my latest design this morning … its also my first Shawl pattern too … called the Sunrays Shawl … and I’m really excited about this one!

_MG_4336-1 _MG_4339-1 _MG_4426-1I designed this a while back with the idea that it should work with variegated yarns … I quite like the multi coloured look of yarns and am very much attracted to them when I see them … but I also really enjoy knitting lace designs …

_MG_4330-1 _MG_4333-1 _MG_4422-1 _MG_4421-1However there aren’t that many patterns that feature lace in variegated yarn … which is why I came up with this shawl …

_MG_4432-1 _MG_4433-1 _MG_4337-1 _MG_4425-1I love how it turned out and it looks great in both the colourways …

_MG_4330-1 _MG_4335-1Its quite a simple shawl and with a large lace motif so I actually think it would be well suited for a beginner lace knitter.

_MG_4331-1Anyways I am really excited about this pattern release and hope you all are too 🙂

Thanks for stopping by …

Till next time …

Mina X

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