Caturday Time With Hugo & Derek …

IMG_7443-1Hey everyone … so back again today with another Caturday post … so before my parents left I got a bunch of photos from my Mum’s phone … turns out there were quite a few of the boys on there that I didn’t know about … so most of these photos are from her phone this week as well …

IMG_7450-1 IMG_7444-1 IMG_7443-1 IMG_7465-1 IMG_7469-1 IMG_7481-1 IMG_7474-1 IMG_7502-1 IMG_7486-1 IMG_7514-1 IMG_7513-1 IMG_7569-1 IMG_7565-1 IMG_7641-1 IMG_7639-1 IMG_7645-1 20150108_102031-1 20150108_102048-1 20150106_141836-1That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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