Caturday with Hugo & Derek … November 2014 Monthly Photos …

_MG_6251-1Hey everyone … sorry this week’s Caturday is a little later than usual … but this week I am sharing my November 2014 Monthly photos of Hugo and Derek … we recently brought out a new mousey toy after they broke the last one … this one has a smaller mouse on the end of the wire which Derek especially goes crazy over …

Anyway below are some of the photos from a morning’s play session … Derek especially got his jumping groove going on … while Hugo spent a good amount of time teetering on the edge of the sofa while trying to not fall off …

_MG_6015-1 _MG_6019-1 _MG_6022-1 _MG_6024-1 _MG_6037-1 _MG_6039-1 _MG_6070-1 _MG_6082-1 _MG_6057-1 _MG_6073-1 _MG_6091-1 _MG_6100-1 _MG_6102-1 _MG_6129-1 _MG_6122-1 _MG_6140-1 _MG_6149-1 _MG_6158-1 _MG_6161-1 _MG_6173-1 _MG_6196-1 _MG_6190-1 _MG_6202-1 _MG_6204-1 _MG_6221-1 _MG_6219-1 _MG_6228-1 _MG_6236-1 _MG_6251-1 _MG_6274-1 _MG_6289-1 _MG_6296-1 _MG_6299-1 _MG_6303-1 _MG_6315-1

That is it for this week … thanks for tuning in …

Till next time …

Mina X


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