Caturday With Hugo & Derek …

Hey everyone so we just got back from South Africa … we had an overnight flight home and neither of us could sleep this time … so by the time we got home at 7am we were both shattered … stayed awake long enough to hug kittens before collapsing in bed … honestly I’ve never been happier to have black out curtains in our bedroom than I was today …

Anyway so after a few hours sleep we woke up to kittens snuggling next to us and that made everything better … this week’s pictures are from our Pet Sitter …

IMG_20140729_161832 IMG_20140729_161947 IMG_20140729_162015 IMG_20140729_162020 IMG_20140729_162034 IMG_20140729_162212 IMG_20140729_162449 IMG_20140729_162515 IMG_20140729_162550 IMG_20140729_162601 IMG_20140729_162617 IMG_20140729_164255 IMG_20140729_164335 IMG_20140731_155708 IMG_20140731_160129 IMG_20140731_160157 IMG_20140731_160214 IMG_20140731_160242 IMG_20140731_160325 IMG_20140731_160442That is it for this post …

Till next time ….

Mina X



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