Pawsome Moments with Royal Canin UAE …

This is just a quick little post to share something exciting that happened recently … it’s nothing particularly big and its probably not even that interesting for any of you … but it is to me … and this is my Blog so I’m going to write about it … A couple weeks ago … on a whim … I entered this picture of Derek into a Facebook competition run by Royal Canin UAE called Pawsome Moments … I actually didn’t realise until after I submitted Derek’s photo that I was  limited to one submission … so I wasn’t able to enter a picture of Hugo as well …


Anyway so when we landed back after our flight from New York on Sunday evening I had this email sat in my inbox waiting for me …

Fullscreen capture 6162014 20324 PM.bmp

So it looks like my little Snaggletooth furrbaby is also a prizewinner … 🙂 … I mean who could possibly resist that face?!?!?!?!?

It totally cheered me up from my post-flight-havent-slept-a-wink-in-over-24hrs-grumpy-haze … not sure what is in this goodie bag yet … its a surprise … but I’m sure Derek will share with Hugo when it gets here …

Till next time …

Mina X


6 thoughts on “Pawsome Moments with Royal Canin UAE …

    • thank you … and yes it is much better than the world cup … I should be getting it delivered soon hopefully … cant wait to see what treats the boys get …

      • My cat adored Royal Canine’s biscuits…I remember they actually smelled of fish rather than that horrid rancid smell one gets with many other brands. Yum, yum (uttered in writing on behalf of catties everywhere…who have no thumbs= no typing skills)

      • Yeah the dry food we feed the boys is Royal Canin … they love it best over other dry food but we use a mix of 3 different wet food brands to keep things interesting for them … they get a combination of the two …

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