Caturday Time With Hugo & Derek …

IMG_20140518_142533This week has been so busy … but the boys are always there to welcome me home during the week … and no matter how tough my day has been coming home to these two fluff nuggets always cheers me up no end …

Anyway here are this weeks photos … mostly of them sleeping or being lazy … but they are just so adorable …

IMG_20140513_103348 IMG_20140513_103436 IMG_20140515_104359 IMG_20140518_142346 IMG_20140518_142442 IMG_20140518_142533 IMG_20140518_142623 IMG_20140518_142648 IMG_20140513_103536 IMG_20140520_161154 IMG_20140522_112535 IMG_20140522_112601 IMG_20140522_112631 IMG_20140522_112658 IMG_20140522_112735 IMG_20140522_112804 IMG_20140522_112904 IMG_20140522_113045 IMG_20140522_113138

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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