At The Beach JBR … With Stef, Bas & The Girls …

_MG_8385-1A couple weekends ago Stef, Bas and their little twin Girls came down to the Marina for a visit … we took the opportunity to go for a walk down to the new JBR Beach and check out all the new places that have opened up … while also giving the girls a chance to run around and let off some of their energy … it was the perfect opportunity for me to get some family photos of their lovely family …

These two girls are just the cutest … anyway here are some of my favourites from that afternoon at the Beach …

_MG_8225-1 _MG_8219-1 _MG_8234-1

With her pigtails flying back like that she looks like a little bunny rabbit …

_MG_8246-1 _MG_8253-1

These two pictures above are probably one of my favourites from that afternoon …

_MG_8275-1 _MG_8287-1 _MG_8304-1 _MG_8306-1


_MG_8383-1 _MG_8385-1

_MG_8391-1 _MG_8403-1 _MG_8415-1 _MG_8424-1 _MG_8436-1 _MG_8446-1 _MG_8462-1 _MG_8480-1 _MG_8491-1 _MG_8508-1

Trying to be a big girl and read the menu …

_MG_8514-1 _MG_8524-1 _MG_8551-1 _MG_8559-1

Franka¬†really wanted to try the Mint Lemonade …

_MG_8562-1 _MG_8568-1 _MG_8578-1 _MG_8580-1

Mina didn’t seem too convinced …


_MG_8619-1 _MG_8632-1 _MG_8637-1 _MG_8587-1 _MG_8600-1

She was quite proud of the amount of bread she managed to stuff in her mouth …

_MG_8642-1 _MG_8652-1 _MG_8661-1 _MG_8667-1 _MG_8677-1 _MG_8685-1 _MG_8697-1 _MG_8718-1


_MG_8746-1 _MG_8753-1

Look at those little waddling tooshies …

_MG_8762-1 _MG_8797-1 _MG_8805-1

What better way to round off the afternoon that a little splash around in the water fountain??? They loved it!

Till next time …

Mina X


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