Shiraz … Photos From Around Town & Family …

Hey everyone … so I finally got round to organising and sorting out some of the photos from my recent quick trip to Shiraz to see my family … so below is a mish mash of photos from my time there … enjoy … Around my Grandparents home … 20140219_095014-1 20140219_094934-1 20140219_094924-1 20140218_142106-1 Our Wedding party photo hanging in my Grandparents room … next to my Parent’s Wedding photo … 20140218_142037-1 20140218_141248-1 Lots of tea was consumed in those four days … 20140218_131429-1 20140218_131446-1Photos of my Great Grandparents above … and my Uncle reading below … 20140218_131502-1 20140218_131529-1 20140218_133150-1 20140221_103505-1Photos from going out and about with my Dad and Brother … 20140218_120228-1 20140218_120339-1 20140218_123425-1 20140218_123439-1 20140218_130503-1 20140219_100251-1 20140219_104608-1 My Dad outside the Travel Agents where he bought his ticket for his move to the UK … 20140219_105639-1 20140219_105726-1Some from outside the old Prison building … 20140219_105803-1 20140219_110818-1Shiraz’s Bazaar Vakil … 20140219_111448-1 20140219_111511-1 20140219_111558-1 My favourite part of the Bazaar below … 20140219_111929-1 20140219_112233-1 Followed by some traditional Iranian Ice Cream and Faloudeh … 20140219_112319-1 20140219_112434-1 20140219_114349-1 20140219_114615-1 20140219_114647-1 20140219_120152-1 A quick stop for some Pomegranate Juice … 20140219_120226-1 20140219_120516-1 20140219_120655-1 20140219_120736-1 20140219_121151-1 My Dad took us to his favourite little canteen type place for some lunch … 20140219_121305-1 20140219_121902-1The food was pretty great … 20140218_185917-1Out for BBQ’ed Liver with our Cousin Ali … this stuff is amazing! 20140218_190533-1 20140218_192116-1 20140218_205738-1 20140218_213409-1 Later on that same evening … 20140218_214454-1 20140220_192347-1 20140220_183902-1 And another evening we went out for Ice Packs … a kind of Ice Cream sundae … 20140220_183539-1It was a short but sweet trip … I’m really looking forward to going back in April … and everyone is really eager to meet Perry too … Oh and even though I did take my SLR camera with me I didn’t touch it once on this trip … I wanted to really put the camera on my phone through its paces and see how it held up … and in all honesty I think it did pretty well … much better than I’d have expected from a camera phone … its by no means a replacement for my SLR but for times when I don’t want to carry it around or be a little less conspicuous when taking photos … this does a pretty good job overall … Anyway that is it for this post … stay tuned as I have another one lined up with a few wedding photos to share … Till next time … Mina X


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