Caturday Time … More From Hugo & Derek …

Hey everyone … welcome to Caturday with Hugo and Derek … they have been so cuddly and adorable this last week … they have been so well behaved in the mornings recently too … well most of the time … anyway here are this week’s pictures …

20140129-153320.jpg 20140129-153225.jpg 20140129-153302.jpg 20140129-153312.jpg 20140129-153125.jpg 20140129-153201.jpg 20140129-153116.jpg 20140129-153234.jpg 20140129-153153.jpg

My little watchful kittens … Derek being all gargoyle like on the headboard … and Hugo below keeping a look our from the window …

20140129-153134.jpg 20140129-153145.jpg 20140129-153105.jpg

Whenever I go to do my floor exercises Hugo always ends up snuggling next to me while I’m trying to do sit ups … or he’ll curl up next to my head and start licking my hair … silly boy! 20140129-153209.jpg

Making sure I follow them to the kitchen for feeding time …


20140129-153253.jpgThat is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


One thought on “Caturday Time … More From Hugo & Derek …

  1. I love the accusing look they have when you are trying to follow them to the kitchen…”Could you walk any slower, Mummy? Surely, even a human’s inadequate hearing can detect our rumbling tummies…”

    My cat used to climb onto my stomach, whenever I lay on the floor to do my yoga exercises. Probably her idea of keeping fit. Thanks again for sharing your little “sentinels” with us.

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