Dark Matter Jewelry … Hand Made Jewelry Inspired By Science …

Hello everyone … today I’d like to introduce you to DARK MATTER JEWELRY … I had linked to this Etsy shop once before on a Monday Links … its owner is a really good friend of mine who I’ve known since I was born … I was so excited for her when she started up the Etsy shop and was pretty quick to order myself a couple pairs of earrings …

The store started with just a small range of earrings and has quickly grown in the last couple months to include different sizes of earrings, drop earrings as well as studs and a whole range of necklaces and rings to match … all of the jewelry sold is inspired by Science … specifically Physics, Space and the wider Cosmos …

Dark Matter Jewelry Home PageThe store ships worldwide and my earrings reached me within 2-3 weeks of having placed the order … and I’d imagine you’d get the order much quicker if you didn’t live in a country/city with such a confused postal system as Dubai … mine actually arrived the very morning we were leaving for the Airport to fly back to the UK … so I got to wear my new earrings on Christmas Day

Anyway I’ve selected a few of my favourite pieces from the Etsy store … there are just so many pretty ones I found it really hard to narrow it down to just a few favourites … you should really go check it out … prices range from $10-$24 for individual pieces … and there are BUNDLE DEALS for 3 packs of stud earrings too …

I love the little descriptions given with each piece explaining simply the science behind the names that inspired each piece … I’ve included these descriptions below with my selection of favourites …

Black Hole Earrings Studs

Black Hole

Iridescent fine sparkles of grey and black on a handmade cabochon, gently set into antiqued copper earring stud 10mm in diameter. A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. Around a black hole, there is a mathematically defined surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return.

Sun Spot Circle Necklace

Sun Spot Circle Necklace

Shimmer color-changing from deep red/orange/yellow and green across a black background with fine silver sparkles overlapping. Looks really beautiful in light. 30mm diameter circle dome shape handmade cabochon on antiqued copper pendant with vintage 24″ inch chain – Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the photosphere of the Sun that appear visibly as dark spots compared to surrounding regions. They are caused by intense magnetic activity, which inhibits convection by an effect comparable to the eddy current brake, forming areas of reduced surface temperature. They usually appear as pairs, with each sunspot having the opposite magnetic pole to the other.

Neptune Dangle Earrings

Neptune Dangle Earrings

Iridescent blue-green strands across a black background with fine overlapping sterling glitter. Looks really beautiful in light. On a 13mm diameter handmade designed glass gently set in silver plated brass earrings. Earrings are approximately 1.5″-1.7″ from top to bottom – Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It is the fourth-largest planet by diameter and the third-largest by mass. Among the gaseous planets in the solar system, Neptune is the most dense.

Sunset Filigree Ring

Sunset – Delicate Filigree Ring

Shimmering orange fades to iridescent pink/purple to dark purple/black, made to represent a sunset. A 20mm handmade designed glass gently set into a dark copper antiqued filigree ring. Size is gently adjustable and the ring is light weight – Sunset or sundown is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the western half of the horizon, as a result of Earth’s rotation.

Cosmos Earrings Studs


Shimmering pink/peach opalescent strands over a black background . Looks beautiful in sunlight. An 10mm diameter handmade cabochon on silver earrings – Cosmos is the Universe regarded as a beautifully-arranged system. Pythagoras is said to have been the first philosopher to apply the term “cosmos” (Greek κόσμος) to the Universe.

Entropy Circle Necklace

Entropy Circle Necklace 

Color shifting flecks of glitter that contain the entire spectrum and shift vibrantly in different angles overlap gently over a black background. On a 1″ diameter circle dome shape handmade designed glass on a gun metal pendant with vintage 24″ inch chain. Has princess style accent on the perimeter – Entropy is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, often taken to be a measure of disorder, or a measure of progressing towards thermodynamic equilibrium. The entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the state of maximum entropy.

ATOM Earrings Studs


Pastel seafoam green background with iridescent teal/pink glitter overlapping to represent atoms. On a 10mm diameter handmade designed glass gently set in gun metal plated brass earrings – The atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The electrons of an atom are bound to the nucleus by the electromagnetic force.

Dark Matter Triangle Necklace

Dark Matter Triangle Necklace (LIMITED EDITION)

Dark and elusive, subtle color-shifting pink/ teal glitter embedded in iridescent dark blue/purple and black shimmering background. When not directed towards light, looks completely pitch black. Effects are noticeable in light. Triangle shape handmade designed glass set in a gun metal pendant with vintage 24″ inch chain – Dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for a large part of the mass that appears to be missing from the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes. Instead, the existence and properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe.

WMAP Earrings Studs


Color shifting/iridescent rainbow glitter. Change where the light hits and the colors will shift with a full spectrum. Very beautiful and has literally all colors in one – The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) – also known as the Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP), and Explorer 80 – is a spacecraft which measures differences in the temperature of the Big Bang’s remnant radiant heat – the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation – across the full sky.

Singularity and Gravity Oval Necklace

Singularity (Oval Pendant) and Gravity (Charm Drop) Necklace

Singularity oval pendant has color shifting pieces of reflective glitter with fine silver sparkles over a black background. Gravity is dark and subtle, teal-blue with blue and purple iridescent embedded glitter. Gravity hangs delicately next to Singularity in antiqued pendants on a vintage antiqued chain, about 21-24 in length total – A gravitational singularity or spacetime singularity is a location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system.

Polar Filigree Ring

Polar – Black Filigree Brass Ring

Holographic fine glitter overlaps iridescent dichroic flakes over a duo-chrome/color shifting light green to blue to light purple background. On a 10mm diameter handmade designed glass gently set on a black plated brass filigree ring. Size is gently adjustable – In chemistry, polarity refers to a separation of electric charge leading to a molecule or its chemical groups having an electric dipole or multipole moment. Molecular polarity is dependent on the difference in electronegativity between atoms in a compound and the asymmetry of the compound’s structure.

They would make really great gift ideas for friends/family or even just as a little treat for yourself … The stud earrings I received are really comfortable to wear … they are not heavy at all and you can barely feel it when wearing them … sometimes I even forget I’m wearing them and they don’t leave my ears sore after when I take them out … which is a problem I get sometimes with earrings …

All in all I think they are pretty awesome … and I hope some of you will find something you like among all the options … If I had to pick I’d say the Entropy Circle Necklace is probably my absolute favourite from the bunch …

LIKE the Dark Matters Jewelry Facebook Page to be kept informed with regular updates about when new designs are added to the store and for any special offers / discount codes and promotions …

Till next time …

Mina X

(All Images are property of Dark Matter Jewelry and used with permission – All opinions are my own)

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