Caturday Time … Boys On The Mend …

Hey everyone … welcome to another Caturday … the boys are getting better now … they’ve been particularly cuddly and affectionate this week … its great to finally get settled back into being home … and now we’re getting better from this illness … Perry is still feeling a bit under the weather but generally we’re both doing good …

Anyway here are some pictures from this last week …

20140109-152726.jpg 20140109-152655.jpg 20140109-152833.jpg 20140109-152926.jpg 20140109-153052.jpg 20140109-153123.jpg 20140109-153154.jpg 20140109-153249.jpg 20140109-153844.jpg 20140109-153631.jpg 20140109-153537.jpg 20140109-153514.jpg 20140109-153348.jpg 20140109-152601.jpg 20140109-152612.jpg 20140109-152553.jpg 20140109-152546.jpg 20140109-153430.jpgTill next time …

Mina X


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