Caturday Time … Some Photos From Our Quick Stopover …

Hey everyone … so here is another quick post from the Airport … I seem to be doing quite a few of those lately … we got back to Dubai last night … and went straight home to see the boys … after only a week away I was really  excited to see them again … they seemed a bit wary at first when we walked through the door … but once they realised it was just us they were back to being their usual demanding selves in no time …

We had a lot of fun playing with them and below are a few pictures from my iPhone and some from that our Pet Sitter has sent us over the last week while we were away …

20131223-173259.jpg 20131223-173248.jpg 20131223-173239.jpg 20131223-173230.jpg 20131223-173314.jpg 20131223-173200.jpg 20131223-173325.jpg 20131223-173211.jpg 20131223-173139.jpg 20131223-173128.jpg 20131223-173220.jpg

Hugo looking all solemn above … and Derek keeping an eye on his stash of food and treats we left out for the pet sitter … he’s so sneaky … if we forget to close the kitchen door he is straight up onto the counter the first chance he gets …

20131223-173103.jpg 20131223-173150.jpg 20131223-173110.jpg 20131223-173117.jpg 20131223-173044.jpg 20131223-173035.jpg 20131223-173027.jpg 20131223-173010.jpg 20131223-172936.jpg 20131223-172945.jpg 20131223-172954.jpg 20131223-173002.jpgThat is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X



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