Caturday Time … A Catch Up With Hugo & Derek …

Welcome to another Caturday post … we are missing the boys loads while we are away … but we have a great Pet Sitter looking after them so I’m sure they are going to be well taken care of and will be paid lots of attention …

One of the things I really like about our two week holiday this time is that we have one night back in Dubai in the middle of it all … it means we get to spend an evening with the boys to see them … snuggle them … and play with them in between the two legs of our trip … previously when we’ve gone away for two weeks we’ve both felt incredibly guilty by the time the second week rolled around … this way it breaks it up a bit and I don’t feel like such a terrible pet parent leaving them home when we go away … but you know at least it makes coming back home after a holiday a lot more enjoyable …

Anyway here a few pictures from this last week while we were still home and a few short video clips too …

20131215-124654.jpg 20131215-124648.jpg 20131215-124702.jpg 20131215-124640.jpg 20131215-124633.jpg 20131215-124623.jpg20131216-092917.jpg 20131216-092908.jpg

That is it for this week …

Till next time …

Mina X


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