Caturday … Hugo & Derek The Scottishfolds …

These boys are just too much cuteness sometimes … Last week I got them a new feathery cat toy on a stick that they just go absolutely crazy for … and it even makes flying type noises when you whip it round in the air … their little heads just bob back and forth keeping an eye on it … and as soon as the ‘Bird lands’ they are both on it …

They get so worked up with the birdy toy we’ve heard them chirruping at it and even a few hisses … They are actually very good at sharing … we’ve noticed they take it in turns to chase after their toys when we play with them … and now that we have developed a more regular play time with them about 10mins in the mornings before work and 15mins or so in the evenings before bed at the minimum … their little heads and ears prick up from wherever they are when they hear the cupboard door opening cause they know that is where the Birdy and the Mousey live …

Anyways I love these little fur balls … they are the best cure when you are having a bad day … it is nearly impossible to stay sad or down after playing with these two for 5mins … here are a few pictures from the last few days …

I swear Hugo believes he is a Human … he even sits at the sofa with his arm up on the armrest …

20131105-205201.jpg 20131105-205212.jpg 20131105-205222.jpg20131106-103533.jpgHugo enjoying a little nap on my belly … he doesn’t usually like to sit on me usually he just snuggles up next to me … he much prefers Perry’s lap … so this was a rare snuggle for me …

20131107-124939.jpg 20131107-124958.jpg 20131107-124948.jpgTill next time …

Mina X










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