Atlantis … Lunch & The Lost Chambers …

So last Saturday was the last full day Perry and I got to spend with Paul while he was here in Dubai … in the late morning we headed over to show him around the Atlantis and grab a spot of lunch …

_MG_0024-1 _MG_0026-1 _MG_0030-1 _MG_0039-1 _MG_0041-1 _MG_0045-1 _MG_0047-1 _MG_0050-1 _MG_0054-1 _MG_0058-1 _MG_0060-1 _MG_0063-1 _MG_0065-1 _MG_0068-1 _MG_0070-1After we had some food at Nassimi Beach Perry and Paul went to check out the Lost Chambers while I waited for them … passing the time with a frozen yogurt sundae … it was yummy …

_MG_0082-1 _MG_0102-1 _MG_0105-1 _MG_0112-1 _MG_0121-1 _MG_0122-1 _MG_0129-1 _MG_0131-1 _MG_0144-1 20131023-225900.jpgThat is it for these updates … it was great to have Paul over to stay … he was the 26th person we have had stay with us since we moved here … averaging out to approximately over 1 person a month … we’ve been quite busy …

Till next time …

Mina X


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