Caturday Updates … Sun-Worshiping Cats & Fluffy Tails …

Hey everyone … welcome to another Caturday post … not much to report this week … Hugo has been trying to bite things more around the apartment … Derek has been more than a bit demanding lately too … in either case here are this week’s pictures …

20130924-100807.jpg 20130924-100745.jpg 20130924-100735.jpg 20130924-100656.jpg 20130924-100646.jpg 20130924-100636.jpg 20130926-154924.jpg 20130926-154856.jpg 20130926-154736.jpg 20130926-154745.jpg 20130926-154846.jpg 20130926-154818.jpg 20130926-154828.jpg 20130926-154808.jpg 20130926-154838.jpg 20130924-101003.jpg 20130924-101012.jpg 20130926-154935.jpg 20130926-154757.jpg 20130924-100757.jpg 20130924-101033.jpg 20130924-100828.jpg 20130924-100952.jpg 20130924-100817.jpg 20130924-101023.jpg

I love this last one of Hugo in Perry’s boxers … funny little fella …

Till next time …

Mina X


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