Homemade Pitta Bread … Recipe …

Hello Everyone … So last weekend I made some homemade Pitta bread to go with the Hummus I had made a couple days before … it turned out to be really quite easy and very yummy in the end … in all honesty at first I thought I had completely messed it up … the dough wasn’t rising like it should have … I thought I killed the yeast … and the mixture wasn’t as smooth as I thought it should have been …but in the end I just needed to give it a bit longer to rise and it was all fine in the end …

Anyway the recipe below makes enough for 5 medium – big sized pittas …


  • 250g strong white flour (or bread flour)
  • 7g of active dry yeast (or one sachet of instant yeast)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 160ml of water
  • 2 tsp of Olive oil and some more for the kneading


  1. In a bowl mix the flour, yeast and salt.
  2. Add 120ml of your water and 1 ½ tsp of the olive oil to the mixture.
  3. Use your fingers to mix the ingredients together and gradually add in the remaining water and oil as you need it.
  4. The dough should all come together away from the sides once all the flour has been incorporated, and you should be left with soft dough.
  5. Use a little oil on your work surface and knead the dough on top for about 5-10mins.
  6. The dough will be a little wet/sticky to start with but it will come together once you start kneading it.
  7. Once the dough is all smooth put it into a clean oiled bowl and cover with cling film and leave to rise (prove) until double in size.
  8. At this point you can start to preheat your oven and baking tray to 250C/475F/Gas 9
  9. When the dough has doubled in size tip it back onto the work surface and knock the dough back, folding it inwards repeatedly until all the air is knocked out of it.
  10. Split the dough into equally sized balls, and roll each one out into an oval shape 3-5mm thick.
  11. Place them on the hot baking tray out of the oven, (if you are not using parchment or baking paper you can dust the tray with flour) and place your pittas on it.
  12. You can cook them in batches if you need to.
  13. They only need about 5-10 mins in the oven … as you can see from the pictures below mine came out abit over cooked.

_MG_4808-1Then it is just as simple as serving it up with some yummy dips … or make sandwiches out of them … whatever you fancy …

I served it up with some of the hummus I’d made a couple days before and some Chermoula and yoghurt dip (more about that another time) …

_MG_4812-1It made for a yummy lunch for the both of us … with plenty of pitta left over …

Hope you enjoy trying this recipe out … we really loved it … I’m gonna try the next batch with Wholewheat flour and see how that works …

Till next time …

Mina X


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